Monday, June 25, 2007

Read some more blogs

Michelle -- Maybe my most ambitious and accomplished friend, Michelle is most certainly not one of the roommates Pepper and I were trying to avoid living with as I alluded to earlier. (Now I'm hoping that the girls I was referring to do not read my blog. Oops.) Far from it, in fact. Michelle was a delight to live with, and she taught me a lot. She's an attorney, she's a ballroom dancer, she's a mother, and I hope she believes me when I say that she shouldn't be offended!

Courtney -- I've known Courtney since I was 16, and she was the beautiful, smart, popular, sassy older next door neighbor of the guy I was crushing on. Now she's the beautiful, smart, popular, sassy, cute former neighbor of the man I married. She so very graciously welcomed me into "the cul-de-sac" with open arms ten years ago, and I love her for it. Visit her blog and marvel.

Alice -- Alice is a cool chica. We have a lot in common: music, religion, kids, Suns. Our respective sisters married the same man. What more is there? We are kindred spirits (in the material world, are spirits in the material world. . . .) But where my talents and interests stop, Alice's keep going. There is much in this world that Alice is good at. I'll bet she wouldn't end a sentence with a preposition.


Michelle said...

I was just kidding! And besides - I am hard to live with. :) Thanks for the link.

Courtney said...

Thanks for the link! You were overly generous with your compliments but I'll take smart and sassy any day. We love having you in the cul-de-sac family.

BTW, I love these blog posts. It's a fun intro to some new blogs.

Alice said...

Dear Emily-My-Kindred-Spirit,
You are too kind. But we do have an UNCOMMON amount of things in COMMON. :) And now you've made me nervous.... I'm going to have to watch those prepositions.