Sunday, March 26, 2006









Thursday, March 23, 2006


So I'm pregnant, and yeah, I've gained some weight, but I don't yet have an obviously pregnant protruding abdomen. At least I don't think I should look obviously pregnant to someone who doesn't know already. Personally, when I run into someone I know who may have put on a few pounds, I have a strict policy to not ask the potentially awkwafying Question unless she's wearing maternity clothes, just to be safe. So I'm always a little taken aback and mildly offended when someone blurts out, "Are you pregnant?!" I grimace. "I am, but I'm only 14 weeks. Can you tell?" Because, frankly, I think that person is walking in dangerous territory, and I want him to know that I think it was a risky question, because I don't think I look pregnant enough for that to be an okay conversation starter.

This conversation played out yesterday with a neighbor/teacher at Elliot's school. It was textbook.

"Emily, are you pregnant?"

"I am, but I'm only 14 weeks. Can you tell?"


"Really?? I know I've gained some weight, but I didn't think I was showing that much yet."

"I'm just kidding. Somebody told me."

Ah, she pulled the quick escape, just kidding routine. Then the all-too-familiar, "Are you hoping for a girl?"

But I was too distracted to respond. I was remembering that time when I was pregnant and working at BYU Mail Services. It was in the first trimester of my first pregnancy (read: I was not showing yet!). I went into the copy room to make some copies and stood patiently while someone ahead of me finished with the machine. A Chinese girl whom I did not know came into the room and stood behind me.

"You waiting?" she asked, and I smiled, gestured to the papers in my hand and nodded. Yes, I was waiting to make some copies on the copy machine.

But that's not what she had meant. "You waiting for baby?"

An internal grimace. A weak smile and nod. An abandonment of the denial I was holding onto that I still looked svelte. Good times. Xie xie.

Thursday, March 16, 2006

To 2 people who don't read my blog, but it would be cool if they did

If today is your birthday, and you are 80, and you are my grandma, happy birthday. Thank you for your part in my library of happy childhood memories. For taking me to King's and buying me coloring books, and in later years, embroidery floss so I could make those awesome friendship bracelets in a cool array of colors. For having a bar on the side of your house (on "The Bar") that I could swing around and think I was cool, even though Sarah was always better at tricks than I. For enduring yet another trip to the cheese factory so we could get squeaky cheese. For having such a glamorous job as weather forecaster at the radio station, and letting me go with you to the weather center, so I could watch how you look up at the clouds and make the forecast. For playing the piano with that one finger missing, and fascinating me with the story of how you cut it off with an axe while chopping wood, and then picked up the finger and carried it to the hospital (always fiercely independent, you). For an endless supply of Schwan's orange creamsicle push-ups. For exposing me to your entire collection of Jack Weyland novels. For having strawberries in your backyard, and a sandbox. Thank you for being a caring and wonderful Grandma.

And, if today is your birthday, and your name is Nathan, and you wanted to marry me back in the day, happy birthday to you, too. Enjoy being 34, wherever you are, and you are very welcome for breaking up with you.

Monday, March 13, 2006

How is it where you live?

It hasn't rained in Phoenix for almost 5 months. This weekend, we had one day of winter, and it was awesome.

Monday, March 06, 2006


My life is crazy right now. For some reason, I volunteered to run the silent auction at the school carnival, give a bridal shower, organize a temple trip, teach preschool, and unpack from a vacation all in the same week. Oh, I also decided to potty train my poops-four-times-a-day two-year-old, but that one got postponed real fast. (Note to self: buy more underwear for that kid to replace the ones you threw away today.) Those are just the extra things to do on top of the usual. . .get the car washed and tires rotated, go to Costco, pay the bills, clean the house, help the kid with the homework, go to the PTSA meeting. Why do I list these things? Is it so those who may venture here will think I am very busy, and therefore very important? Why yes, deep down, I think it is. Busyness=importance. No? I ask my working friends: how do you get it all done?

Perhaps I speak of such matters because I am turning into my mom (how many times have I heard, "Today was go, go, go. I have not had five minutes to myself"?) (Ahc, is the question mark outside the quotations okay in this instance?) Perhaps--and this is most likely--it is because I want to write about the fabulous weekend I had and have not been able to justify taking the time to do so, and so instead I preface a blog entry with how stressed out I am, and that makes it okay to sit down at the computer, as long as I stay on task (stressing about how I am stressing is on task where I come from.)

So preface aside, here is what I really want to say:

I spent the weekend with 11 of the most beautiful and amazing women on this planet. All of my friends are beautiful and amazing, but to have 11 together for a fun weekend was a beautiful and amazing experience. All twelve of us lived together in the dorms our freshman year at BYU and have stayed remarkably close. I came away from our fun reunion with renewed love and respect for each of them.

The numbers are impressive. Of the 12, all are college graduates and active members of the church, sealed in the temple. All are mothers and homeowners. Four went on missions; at least three have graduate degrees; four or five are marathon runners (what are the chances??). All of the girls I was with are gorgeous and smart and talented beyond just your (my) average everyday talents. Several have had tremendous heartache and used it for opportunity to grow. One has blessed thousands of people with her example of unwavering faith in the face of overwhelming adversity.

Amy, Alyssa, Catherine, Cori, Cynthia, Heidi, Julianne, Kari, Kristen, Michelle and Sarah: thank you for being such "cute friends" and for making me laugh and making me want to be better. I love you and am amazed by you!

Now, about preschool tomorrow. . . .

Thursday, March 02, 2006

Kingman, AZ is where it's at (unrelated to anything in this post)

We stayed in Las Vegas last night. We pushed the stroller, 3 kids, and about 27 bags through the casino at the awesome Gold Coast Hotel and Casino, and we looked so cool. Trust me--much cooler than the blue-hairs playing their electronic slots, cooler than the thirty-something kinda dorky men ahead of me in the hotel registration line talking about how they were going to the strip club, cooler than the blackjack (or whatever) dealers from Taiwan or Argentina who thought they were coming to Vegas to get glamorous and they now realize they work in a smutty, dead-end hellhole of a place.

It's not like we're Las Vegas snobs. We are not perfect and readily acknowledge such. Like, when my husband made an illegal U-turn on Flamingo, we found great comfort in the old adage: what happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas.

Other than that, our journey was pretty uneventful. We did play the They Might Be Giants ABC's DVD several times, and now wonder along with the Johns, who did put the alphabet in alphabetical order?