Sunday, February 27, 2011

Here's hoping

Today I was mean and grumpy and irritable and fed-up (when I wasn't being long-suffering, encouraging, patient, and attentive, because let's be honest, there was some of that, too) and I kept thinking about what Diana used to say all the time to her sister Eliza when they were growing up: "I love you, but I don't like you." Mostly directed (but not spoken aloud) to my kids.

Here's hoping for a new week filled with liking my cheerful, non-teething, obedient, loving, neat and responsible children!

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Complicated tithing question for my financially-savvy tithing-paying readers. Anyone?

I'm just now rolling over the 401(k) from Steve's last job to our current retirement plan. We paid tithing on the money we contributed, but obviously not on the money contributed by the firm or any interest that accrued. The same is true for the current retirement plan: tithing paid on money we put in, but not on matching funds or interest.

So now that we're combining the plans, it just seems like it's getting super complicated. When we're retired and withdrawing this money, how will we pay tithing?

Should I:

  •  keep track of the dollar amount that we've paid tithing on already....all the way until we're 65 and living on this money? (Where will I keep this information that I will be sure to find it in 30 years??) Then I could write one big tithing check on interest and matching funds, and then an annual check on additional interest.
  • just give up on trying to keep track, switch tithing to net instead of gross, and pay tithing on everything when we pull it out down the road, meaning that we'll be double paying on some of it?
  • pay less tithing this year equal to the amount that we've already paid on retirement contributions, then pay on net income in the future and plan on paying tithing on everything we withdraw when we're retired? This one doesn't feel quite right to me.
I'm genuinely perplexed about how to proceed. I know tithing is personal and up to the individual, but I would love to hear what has worked for you in this situation. Any ideas?

Monday, February 14, 2011

If you like makeup and presents

If any of you are like me in any of these ways:

  • loves presents
  • loves packages in the mail
  • admires classy presentation of said presents and packages
  • likes using nice beauty products
  • but spends almost zero time researching them so doesn't know what to buy
  • appreciates advice about makeup application or hair or skin care
  • loves to try new products, as in, gets really really bored using the same things all the time
  • likes luxurious stuff
  • likes to feel pretty
  • would just as soon other people pick out cosmetics/beauty products for you
  • likes to try something out before committing large amounts of money

THEN, perhaps you would enjoy this beauty product subscription service I've found. It is in my top 5 of favorite things. I love it mucho mucho.

It's called Birchbox ( You sign up for however many months you want, and for $10/month, they send a darling little box full of high-end beauty samples. Sometimes you can use a sample 4 or 5 times, sometimes it will last months and months (no kidding). It is seriously great. I got a box today, and that's why it's on my mind. It had a NARS highlighter, BareMinerals mascara, a moisturizer sample, a face exfoliator, and some dark chocolate. All awesome. In months past, I've discovered some new products that I love (mostly hair care products or moisturizers are the things I'm most likely to purchase after trying). It is seriously fun for my bathroom cabinet/makeup bag to get a recharge every month with high-end stuff I would never otherwise try.

This sounds like I'm trying to sell you something. Totally not, I get nothing. I'm not even linking to the website so as to let you know I will receive nothing if you sign up. Just wanted to share what I'm totally loving right now and what is fantastically great at adding sunshine to my life. Love it.