Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Well now, it's been a while, hasn't it?

Abby posted this picture which inspired me to steal it and say a little somethin or other about my baby.

  • is 14 months today!
  • is not in the least bit interested in walking
  • is by far the last of my children to walk
  • can take a step with his right foot, but is ever so much afraid to lift up his left foot, so when I force him to try to walk, he pivots around in a circle a little bit, then gives up and crawls like a madman
  • has the greatest toothy grin, which I have yet to capture on camera (bad mom!)
  • sleeps like a champ
  • says, "Mom. Mom. Mom. Mom." a lot
  • also sometimes says, "Daddy" but that's about the whole vocabulary
  • upon finding a barrette or hair tie on the ground, immediately takes it to Norah where he fiercely insists on putting it in her hair. If she tries to take it, he resists until she lets him be her hairstylist
  • grew out of his stranger anxiety mode in the last month or two and will now be non-cry-ey and even tender with other adults. Good job, bud!
  • knows what to do with all the various implements he encounters: a microphone is to sing into, a baby wipe is to clean a surface with, a hairbrush is to apply to the head, a toothbrush (never you mind whose it is) is to put in the mouth
  • gives the sweetest hugs
  • makes big messes
  • self-entertains
  • likes to dance to music by swinging his shoulders back and forth
  • blows kisses to say goodbye
  • is such a sweet kid and a perfect addition to our family. We love him so very much!

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Yi er san si wu liu qi ba

It's not every day we get to make calls to the furnace guy, the plumber, the garage door repairman, and the yard guy.


In one day, lucky us!

Fixing broken stuff, all of it. Good thing we gave a bunch of money to our former yard guy to redo our backyard and he has been AWOL for 8 months. Actually, not good thing. That was sarcasm.

In other news, I went in to help out in Isaac's Chinese class today for the first time. How awesome is it that all these 6 and 7 year olds can count to 100, recite poems, do the hokey pokey, write characters, do addition problems, and sing songs in a language they knew nothing about a few months ago? Not sarcasm this time, it really is awesome! I am taking advantage of a Chinese instructor who is giving some parents lessons in the language and even though it starts at 9:30 on Monday nights and I never want to go out in the cold at that hour to go, I'm always really glad I did. It's amazing to learn new things. The kids today were duly impressed that I can count along with them in Chinese. Yay me. I like knowledge. I like gaining it and I like being empowered by it. I usually eventually forget it, but then I can gain it again and it's empowering all over again, so it's all good.

In related news, I am also taking a South African Liberation Movements history class and have a big hairy term paper due before Thanksgiving.

For all of the above reasons (repairman phone calls, volunteering for disparate causes, Chinese class, motherhood, history class) and oh, so many others, my house is approaching tornado-dom. Wild and crazy times these are.

Tuesday, November 09, 2010

Utah is great because

-- my husband is happy
-- I feel safe (perhaps naively so, but I feel safe nonetheless)
-- my neighborhood feels like the center of the universe in some ways
-- I experienced few public discussions about my changing body when I was pregnant
-- no dirty looks at restaurants or grocery stores when all the kids are in tow
-- the mountains are pretty
-- the summertime weather is ideal
-- living so close to BYU offers much in the way of culture, sports, enlightened thought, et cetera
-- everybody comes here to visit
-- my children don't hear a lot of bad language at school
-- I know and love all of my neighbors — really, all of them
-- much parental volunteerism at school results in good opportunities for my kids

Tuesday, November 02, 2010

Talking to myself?

Do I ever watch tv?
It's a rare, rare occasion.

Have I watched tv at night since the finale of LOST?
Negatory, I cannot remember a single time.

As a good citizen of this fine community and country, is there anything to do but watch election results trickle in?
There is nothing else to do.

What do I want to see happen if Mike Lee wins?
When Mike Lee wins, I want my friends Marcus and Michelle to be appointed as grand rulers of something important and festive and magical.

Am I dreading writing a big term paper for my South African history class?
No doiphy, Ralph.

Should Marcus and Michelle be appointed as Rulers of Classes That Can't Make Their Students Write Terms Papers?
I can support that.

Do my children have a hard time understanding what "Don't talk!" means?
Their supreme lack of understanding qualifies them for the remedial class. Or something like that.

Is it kind of lame that I bought the AppleCare Protection Plan in May and it's still sitting wrapped on the computer desk?
Yea. A wasted $79 or however many dollars, to be sure.

Whom do I most want to win tonight?
My neighbor and friend Don Jarvis because he's a smart and capable and principled man and because darn it if Utah County hasn't elected a Democrat in over 15 years.

What was the most memorable and exciting conversation I got to have this election season?
Hands down, the 45-minute, fiery one that started: "Emily, you have a democrat's sign in your yard? I was shocked to see that." "Well, first, he's my friend... ." "I don't care if he's YOUR DAD!"