Tuesday, November 09, 2010

Utah is great because

-- my husband is happy
-- I feel safe (perhaps naively so, but I feel safe nonetheless)
-- my neighborhood feels like the center of the universe in some ways
-- I experienced few public discussions about my changing body when I was pregnant
-- no dirty looks at restaurants or grocery stores when all the kids are in tow
-- the mountains are pretty
-- the summertime weather is ideal
-- living so close to BYU offers much in the way of culture, sports, enlightened thought, et cetera
-- everybody comes here to visit
-- my children don't hear a lot of bad language at school
-- I know and love all of my neighbors — really, all of them
-- much parental volunteerism at school results in good opportunities for my kids


Emz said...

"my children don't hear a lot of bad language at school."

my favorite. my dream. amazing what Ellie comes home asking about each day. sad. I love this post. happy. Love that.

mrs. timberlake said...

Hi Em.
Just dropping by to say I enjoy your blog.
The End.

mrs. timberlake said...

do you like how i addressed you as em?
as if we have long walks and chat for hours over lunch weekly.

abby said...

this must mean that it snowed in provo.

Emily said...

Abby, as though I must be looking for something positive to keep me from utter despair? That is an outrageous assertion!

Mrs., lunch and long walks in our future, I just know it.

Emz, I think about your profile abs maybe more than I should.

Anonymous said...

I would love being your neighbor. I like all of your reasons why Utah is great. AG

Suzie Petunia said...

I love that you live in Utah. That makes Utah so much more awesome in my eyes. There is much to love in Utah. I love appreciating it from afar. ;) I love being one of the frequent visitors!

Neil and Diana said...

I love your list! I am excited to see you in 2 weeks.

Jennifer said...

I love Utah. It's beautiful, cozy, and fun. Don't ever let anyone tell you differently.

Jord said...

This post rocks and so does Utah.

Nancy said...

I hope you are happy too, or are you still trying to talk yourself into liking it? I think your mom should move to Utah and become your neighbor too, I'd like to see more of that cute lady.

Andrew & Heidi said...

I love Utah for all those reasons too - but not quite enough to live there permanently!