Wednesday, January 26, 2011

You got Jimmered

The thing about being a sports fan is that ultimately, your team will lose and it will be heartbreaking and a big downer. Even if they have a good season, they're probably not going to win the championship, because only one team can win the championship and probability dictates that it won't be your team. So you'll end the season depressed.


Sometimes your team will win (hopefully). And every once in a while your team will win in a big way, in an important game. In a historic game.

And if you're extra lucky you'll be there to see it all go down.

Oh man.

That will be the best. You will love that so much. It will be the biggest thrill of your entire winter, maybe your year.

Undoubtedly your non-sports fan spouse will even find it invigorating and scream and yell and laugh and cheer and comment at your foresight to get $5 tickets before the game sold out.

That's the best thing about being a sports fan.

Thursday, January 20, 2011

R & R

Dinner tonight at our house with Ruth and Rachel and their families.

I love my friends and the interesting people they are.

Ruth: foreign service officer, stopping in Utah in between posts in Dominican republic and sweden, nurse, mother of 4, compassionate, a thinker, brilliant.

Rachel: small business owner, makes jewelry, lover of all things vintage, eclectic and bright and fun home decor, loving mother of 3, a complete joy to be around, mismatched colors and patterns in her clothing choices like nobody's business with fabulous fashionable results, generous and kind.

I love that I get to have such lovely and fun and interesting people as friends.

Friday, January 14, 2011

The Year of the Road Trip?

'Thas (which should be a word) become a tradition in our family to open as the last gift on Christmas the destination for the following year's main family vacation.

2009 destination: Oahu
2010 destination: Disneyland
2011 destination: San Francisco, with Nana and Papa to accompany

We will drive and perhaps take our time getting there. Neither Steve nor I have driven west on I-80 and we plan to see Reno, and of course have the obligatory car breakdown in Winnemucca. (Isn't that required? Other types of breakdowns, i.e. emotional or mental, optional.) Google Map's 12 hours and 28 minutes + bathroom stops + cleaning up vomit stops + lengthy restaurant stops + where's the nearest Redbox stops will surely = 16 hours on the road (not counting overnight stay and aforementioned obligatory car repairs).

We will return home to Provo, possibly host a 4th of July party (you're invited if we do), catch up on life, then get back in the car and drive to the Oregon Coast. Google Maps is giving me an optimistic 15 hours and 12 minutes, which of course in Craig time is 20 hours +. I love to travel, love to go to new places and explore new parts of the world, but I am already a tad car-weary.

Plus, just because I like to break the monotony of January/February and because we have a nephew getting baptized, I'm contemplating a trip to Phoenix in the next couple of weeks.

Road trip extravaganzas, I tell you.

Any fabulous ideas for what to do:

  • in San Fran with children?
  • in Lincoln City, OR
  • en route to either location?
I'm thinking we will need to take the scenic route to the Oregon Coast and go through Kennewick, Washington to show my family the little house 713 S. Garfield, 99336, where I grew up, and perhaps the Pik-a-Pop on the corner, the Taco Johns where Neil was to serve his mission, the bowling alley where Ryan played pinball games past his non-curfew and gave Amye the ND. So, also, any fabulous ideas for visiting Kennewick, WA?

Tuesday, January 04, 2011


makes a sharp knife.