Monday, June 26, 2006

Getting rid of that nasty photo with a little personality analysis

You Are Bobby Brady

Ultra competitive, you will do almost anything to win. From pull ups to pool sharking, you're very talented.
And while everyone is aware of your victories, they still (affectionately) consider you to be a little brat!

Everything Pizza

Diverse and adaptable
You enjoy the full buffet of life
It's hard to you play favorites with friends... or flavors
There's very little that you dislike!

You Are Not Scary

Everyone loves you. Isn't that sweet?

You Are Austin

A little bit country, a little bit rock and roll.
You're totally weird and very proud of it.
Artistic and freaky, you still seem to fit in... in your own strange way.

Famous Austin residents: Lance Armstrong, Sandra Bullock, Andy Roddick

Your Extroversion Profile:
Assertiveness: High
Friendliness: High
Excitement Seeking: Medium
Sociability: Medium
Activity Level: Low
Cheerfulness: Low

Your Scholastic Strength Is Developing Ideas

You can take a spark of inspiration and turn it into a full fledged concept.
You are talented at brainstorming, visualizing, organizing, and independent thinking.

You should major in:

Natural sciences
Computer science
Creative writing

You Are Ernie

Playful and childlike, you are everyone's favorite friend - even if your goofy antics get annoying at times.

You are usually feeling: Amused - you are very easily entertained

You are famous for: Always making people smile. From your silly songs to your wild pranks, you keep things fun.

How you life your life: With ease. Life is only difficult when your friends won't play with you!

Maroon 5 Shares Your Taste in Music

See their whole playlist here (iTunes required)

You Are Chinese Food

Exotic yet ordinary.
People think they've had enough of you, but they're back for more in an hour.

All American Kid

Popular but not plastic. Athletic but not a jock. Smart but not a brain.

You were well rounded and well liked in high school.

All right, so now that I'm a cross between Bobby Brady and Ernie, I must confess that I pretty much loathe personality tests. But it was a good waster of time, and I like those. Thanks, Carina, for the link.

Monday, June 19, 2006

A super night

"Aaron, since it's your birthday, you can choose a restaurant that we can go to for dinner tonight."

"Hooray! I want Souper Salad." (Groans and smirks from the parents. Cheers of great joy from elder brother, Elliot.) "Wait, no, I want to go to that place where you can make your own pizza, where we went with Jamie and Mark that one time."

"Tucchetti? Um, okay, we'll go there." I respond quickly, the faster to get Souper Salad out of that crazy little shaved head of his.

A little history: we've eaten at Souper Salad maybe twice before. For Elliot, it is just a taste of heaven on earth. You can get as much food as you want and you don't even have to pay for more! They have goldfish! They have pizza! They have ice cream with sprinkles! You can pick whatever you want to eat, and even go back for more! Watermelon? As much as you want. Pepperoni that you can eat plain just because it's there? They have it, and so much more. It's a picky seven-year-old eater's paradise. For mom and dad, our last experience there was of the variety that makes your stomach turn whenever you recall it. We sat at a booth--which is kind of gross because who knows what's down in the crevices--but this particular booth had a giant rip in the yellow vinyl seat, and our kids, more than once, were sticking their arms down it, finding treasures untold. Steve's germophobic tendencies were in overdrive and the kids were dragged multiple times to the bathroom to wash their hands. Plus we were grossed out by the food. So, needless to say, Souper Salad just doesn't do it for Steve and me.

Well, as I was saying, today I was quick to affirm Aaron's second choice of restaurant as a lovely selection. Yes, Tucchetti would be pleasant enough. Aaron could make his own pizza, and perhaps the kids might even eat free on Monday nights.

And so the brotherly manipulation began.

Elliot, desperately seeing his grand opportunity to eat at an all-you-can-eat buffet (with goldfish and pizza!) vanish before his eyes began panic-stricken bartering. Then reasoning. Then begging. Then threatening.

"Aaron, if you change your mind and pick Souper Salad, I'll clean up all the rooms, and you won't have to." (This one almost worked, until I caught wind of it. There'll be none of that.)

"Aaron, wouldn't you rather go to a place where you can still get pizza, and also get other stuff? And you don't even have to pay to go back and get more?"

"Aaron, if we don't go to Souper Salad, I'm not going to be your brother anymore! Humph!"

"Aaron, fine then. I'm going to buy the video game with my own money, and you won't be able to use it. Ever!"

Of course, I was all, "Sorry, Elliot. Aaron made up his mind, and if he wants to go to Tucchetti, then that's where we'll go. Please," (please!) "don't try to change his mind."

And so we set off for Tucchetti, a bit of a drive, but what the heck! It's not Souper Salad! Steve and I didn't mind the distance. As we pulled into the shopping center, Steve pointed in horror at the restaurant right in front of us. There, coincidentally, was, of all things, a Souper Salad. Yikes, don't let Elliot see that, I telecommunicate to Steve. We pull around. Tucchetti: empty parking lot, locked door!! They may have gone out of business, or at the very least are very much closed on Mondays. Steve and I exchange glances.

"Aaron, honey, the make your own pizza place isn't open anymore. Why don't you pick something else? We could go to California Pizza Kitchen. Or get some yummy Mexican food. Do you want chips and salsa? Mmm, Mexican food. Or....." I try to disguise it as well as possible. ".....salad??"

"I want Souper Salad!!" Oh no! He picked it. He hates salad and he saw right through my trick.

"O-kay.....if that's what you really want. There happens to be one right here."

And so the motherly manipulation began.

"Elliot, I know I told you that you could pick the next restaurant that we go to as a family, but since we're eating at Souper Salad tonight, how about we just count this choice for both you and Aaron? Would that be okay?"

Elliot agreed, truly beaming from ear to ear.

Thursday, June 15, 2006

Help me

Can anyone (Ryan??) please tell me why my Mac might be suddenly freezing beyond the point of control/apple/escape so that we have to turn off the power source at least once or twice a day? Also, we sometimes have static running through our monitor.

I will mail a prize to anyone who can help me.

Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Hospitality: Pepper and Linda wrote the book, OR How To Shower Your Out-of-State Friends With Love and Affection

Chapter One -- Hook them up with your sweet connections to Disneyland's Club 33, where they will eat and eat and enjoy feeling exclusive and eat some more and love every minute of it. Let them invite their whole family.

Chapter Two -- Entertain their children in Sacrament Meeting.

Chapter Three -- Invite them to your house for lunch and fill them with delightful grilled salmon, steamed broccoli, baked zucchini with parmesan, two varieties of potatoes, and Texas sheet cake with really good frosting.

Chapter Four -- Entertain their children again, this time with your spectacular toy collection.

Chapter Five -- Send them on their way with a bag full of snacks for the car, including that expensive bag of yummy Peanut Roca you just bought at Costco. While you're at it, mention to the pregnant one that she's not fat, thus making her feel okay about consuming said bag of Peanut Roca.

Chapter Six -- GIve them directions home, as well as plenty of cash just in case the toll roads won't make change for their $20.


Early Reviews of the Book:

"The Huges [sic] Family really knows how to put on a good lunch." Stephen, food connoisseur and frequenter of fancy Scottsdale eateries

"The fabled and exclusive Club 33 had impeccable food and service." The Arizona Republic, Sunday, June 4, 2006

"Did Pepper really walk away from her son's stroller and it rolled down the hill and he fell over on his face?" Elliot, curious listener of stories

"Marvelous! Five stars! Any guest would be lucky to have Pepper and Michael and Linda as hosts. Would read this book again and again. Thank you, thank you, thank you!" Emily, grateful friend and indebted recipient of service described in book