Thursday, March 22, 2012

And while I'm blogging,

I ought to acknowledge that today is my darling sister's birthday. It has been a joy to have her and her family so close. They are some of our favorite people in the world, and we are hopeful that soon they will live even closer.

Also, 15 years ago my life changed forever when this cute boy who was my very best friend picked me up from studying at the library and took me up Hobble Creek for a late night hike, whereat we promptly sat down next to the creek and preceded to broach the huge elephant in the everything that was the tension (the good kind) building between us and how we were falling for each other. He admitted that he didn't want to lose me, I admitted that I'd loved him since August 10, 1992, he said he wanted to marry me, I swooned, I Love Yous were exchanged, and finally, a first kiss. That was a pretty good night.

Happy birthday, Abby!

Happy engagement day, Steve!


It's blurry, but it's a gem. 

Steve found this photo of his young teenaged self from a friend online, and I couldn't resist posting it here. What a doll he is and was.