Tuesday, January 26, 2010


I hurt my back.
I spent a good three days in bed.
I went to two chiropractors.
I decided that chiropractors need to do less tapping on my temple, more massage and stretch.
I am starting to feel better today.
But I still walk crooked.
My clogging class is totally doable.
Our first test got pushed back until next week, which will give my back plenty of time to heal completely, before I injure it again.
I like 30 Rock.
I'm looking forward to the only tv show I try to catch as it happens: Lost season 6 starts soon.
When, exactly, does it start?
Our tv doesn't really work anymore.
We got it from my generous brother as a hand-me-down when we got married.
We got married 12.5 years ago.
Buying a new tv isn't something I really want to do, but I guess I should if I'm going to be watching Lost.
Any ideas for a new tv?
We don't really want to spend a lot of cash on it.
Steve is a great husband.
Sometimes I'm really overcome with gratitude for him and what a good person he is.
I began the process to refinance our house yesterday after doing zero research about rates/fees.
Someone I trust had done a lot of research, and I just took his word for it.
We're going down to a 20-year fixed with rate of less than 5%.
I'm thrilled.
I counted recently, and I've been inside 26 temples.
I think visiting new temples and eating at new restaurants are fantastic goals to work toward.
I don't think there's anything wrong with ending sentences with prepositions.
I mean, I like prepositions for ending sentences with.

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Clog fog blog

Here is a quick accounting of every half credit PE or Dance class I have taken since starting college:

Fitness For Living: take measurements of your body fat, don't really go to class, I can't remember what else

Beginning Folk Dance: learn some Hungarian/Russian/Irish dances, have lots of fun

Beginning Bowling: bowl every day, learn how to score bowling, bowl bowl bowl, flirt with Bowling John who rejects your subtle attempts to get him to ask you out and then when you see him next year on the first day of your political science class and you smile warmly and sit next to him he motions behind his back for his friend to rescue him and his friend says, "John, that's a nice ring you have on your finger!" and you say, "Oh, you got married?" embarassedly and never sit by him again, and mostly just bowl all the time

Ethnic Dance (Polynesian): do the hula, shake your hips, do the Tongan rope/ball things

Beginning Racquetball: sign up for this class with your boyfriend who wanted to marry you, then break up with him just before the semester starts and do not make eye contact or talk to each other in this class, ever, even though there are only like 20 people in the class, learn the rules, play the game, never get very good because your arm strength is kind of lame

Jogging: jog for an hour a week, unless you want to walk or hike or swim or bike or pretty much anything else aerobic because the teacher didn't care, don't go to class all that much, throw out your back and don't do anything for a week, don't get very good at jogging


When my friend JaNae and I signed up for clogging this semester, her niece said, "You did what? I got a D- in that class." She went to every class, she practiced, she sought special help from her teacher. Dee minus. What, how is that possible?

The first three classes were easy peasy. We spent whole classes learning the most basic of steps. Then I went to Disneyland and missed a class. Tonight was my first class since being back and, um, you can call me Joey Tribiani.

All of a sudden we're learning a whole dance routine with steps from out of nowhere, that I certainly have never been taught. It's all double double rock kick hold cowboy double back double up triple kick chug.

I was very much in a daze the last 20 minutes of class. A clog fog. Help. (Sarah?)

Tuesday, January 05, 2010

My day in age group associations

My morning was spent with: three-year-old and three-month-old
  • "But mom, who was my mommy and daddy when you and daddy were little kids? No, mom! Who was my mommy and daddy when you were little? No! Who?"
  • Tears
My early afternoon was spent with: kindergartners
  • Penguin crafts
  • Snacktime
  • Zipping coats
My late afternoon/evening was spent with: college students
  • First day of Dance 171, Beginning Clog
  • "Sweet! You're from Wyoming, too? I've never met anyone from Wyoming in any class I've ever taken at BYU before! THREE people are from Wyoming in this class?"
  • Me: "My name is Emily. I graduated in 97 in International Relations." 23-yr-old Teacher: "Was that part of the Marriott School?" "No, the Kennedy Center. The major has changed a few times since then." "Yeah, I'll BET it has!"
My evening was spent with: mostly septuagenarians
  • Relief Society dinner and self-defense class
  • Surprisingly strong 70+-year-old women
  • Lots of talk about memory loss, willing 101-yr-old mothers to die, Candida
All were enjoyable in their own way. But looking forward to the last half hour of my day when I get to have some solid conversation/kitchen cleaning help/maybe a back massage from a person: exactly my same age. Holla for 34-year-olds.