Saturday, October 28, 2006

A lovely, anonymous gift

Thank you to whoever sent us this. We love it!

Will the gift giver please identify yourself so I can thank you properly?

Wednesday, October 25, 2006

How we got disinvited to a private dinner with Nancy Reagan and Sandra Day O'Connor

Steve works at a law firm where his bosses are pretty (ok, extremely) well-connected. They know everybody. Politicos, big-money, you name it. So it didn't seem that strange to us when Steve came home from work one day with two unusual, hobnobby invitations. The first was to his boss' house for a "little party" for the law firm with special guest Governor Janet Napolitano. That's tonight. We're still invited to that and I'll report back on how it goes.

The second invitation was to celebrate the renaming of ASU's College of Law in honor of Sandra Day O'Connor. Steve's boss has some thick ties to ASU, so we figured he must have gotten all his attorneys invited to this "private dinner" with Mrs. Nancy Reagan, the president of ASU, and Justice O'Connor.

"Oh, that's nice," I said, "but we can't bring a baby to a big affair like that. We'll have to decline."

"Well, let me ask around about it first," Steve said. He asked all his colleagues, and no one else had been invited. Not even the ASU alums nor the girl who is in tight with the law school dean. Hmmm. He thought about asking his boss, but worried that perhaps his boss hadn't even been invited, and how would that look? It was becoming clear that this invitation had arrived with Steve's name on it erroneously. And that made us start to think we really wanted to go! What a great story we could tell! "Did you hear about the time we showed up at an intimate dinner affair with Nancy Reagan and Sandra Day O'Connor--with our baby in tow--and security tried to usher us out, but we said, 'Oh no, we were invited!' and sat down to eat while they stared at us blankly."

Steve called the Dean's Office at ASU and explained that he didn't understand why he received this invitation. They asked, "Didn't you clerk for Justice O'Connor?" "Uh, no, that wasn't me." "Isn't your wife's name Betty?" "Negative." "Ohhhh. We're really sorry, but that invitation was intended for someone else with your same name."

And Steve replied indignantly, "Oh, that's interesting. Well, we'd like to RSVP. We'll have the fish."

Monday, October 23, 2006

We got new carpet to celebrate my 100th post

Please come over to visit and admire our new, fresh, CLEAN carpet.

We could walk around in circles in our bare feet. We could sit on the floor to play Scrabble or Nerts or Mental Juditsu. You could wrestle with any or all of my three rambunctious boys (I'll watch). We could take turns vacuuming and watching the "clean" button light up on my vacuum cleaner. We could lie down and make carpet angels. If you have a baby, you could let him free to crawl whithersoever he pleased. There are so many, many ways to enjoy our new carpet. Really, you must come.

Wednesday, October 18, 2006

All I know is that I don't know nothing (about AP History)

In a total and complete exercise in obsession and compulsion, I have started a Tour Through My Tape Cassette Collection of Great Mixes of Yore. And I have some pretty great mixes on tape.

While other teenagers were building volunteer hours as candystripers at the local hospital, or studying to try to get good grades on the AP History test (whatever!) or developing their talents or SOMETHING, I was spending many an hour perfecting the art of the mix tape. Rewind, fast forward, rewind, record, find the next song, oops, went too far, rewind, perfect! Laborious, I tell you. A time sucker-upper. And I was great at it. (Diana was super great at it, the best, the queen of mixes. Credit where credit is due.)

I was really quite against the transition into CDs. My future husband told me once, "I am thinking about converting my music collection to CDs." My reaction: "Why on earth would you want to do that? What a waste of money! Each CD costs at least $15, and that's ridiculous to spend that much money when you already have what you want on tape. Plus, do you really think that when you're older you are going to want the entire libraries of Def Leppard, Yes, Rush, and the Ocean Blue---on CD!?" Secretly, I was unwilling to accept that my mix tapes would become obsolete and my number one time waster would become invalid, and then I would have to do something conventional for the AP History Exam, or something. And in case you were wondering, he did buy all those CDs. (Steve Craig is sooo rich! He has a job, and he never even cashes the paychecks! They are all sitting in his drawer. He doesn't even need the money. His house has 8 bathrooms!!) When we're feeling crazy, we put on Def Leppard and dance, dance, dance! Don't we, Steve?

Well, here we are 14 years later, and I have never burned a CD of any sort, I have never purchased a single song online, I have never owned an iPod. It seems much too easy. What a monster that Al Gore has created! Everything is too accessible. Like last night, when I wanted to know where water chestnuts come from, I asked Steve and when he told me, I immediately didn't believe him and so I did a google search that took 1.3 seconds, and was humbled because he was right like he usually is. End of story. No asking around, no hitting the old encyclopedia volumes, no digging through the card catalog system at the local library, under T for Tubers. It's like that with music. What were the lyrics to It's the End of the World As We Know It (And I Feel Fine)? Let's listen individually to try to figure it out, then meet to hash it out over Eggs Over MiHammy at Denny's. Not anymore, my friend. Just go online. Easy peezy. No more poring through your father's tape collection--which he scored painstakingly at the $1 promotional table at the newspaper where he works, even though he works the night shift and doesn't get there in time for first dibs on the good music--looking for just the right song to put after I'm Sticking With You by the Velvet Underground.

ANYWAY, as I was washing the dishes just now, I put in one of those fabulous mixes that I made in the late 80s/early 90s--it's hard to tell when, as the songs weren't terribly current even then. AND, I got nostalgic and thought, Dang, this is a good mix. So I wanted to share with ya'll.

Here is my current playlist:

Desperado. Eagles
Stand By My Woman. Lenny Kravitz
Beds are Burning. Midnight Oil
Secret. OMD
Very First Lie. Material Issue
Dark Globe. Syd Barrett
Wonderful World. Louis Armstrong
Hairspray. Hairspray Soundtrack
Red Rain. Peter Gabriel
I Melt With You. Modern English
The Promise. When in Rome
Boys Don't Cry. The Cure
Never Tear Us Apart. INXS (Naturally, this song gets cut off in the middle, as it's at the end of the side.)

Nothing Compares 2U. Sinead
With or Without You. U2
Roxanne. The Police
Another Brick in the Wall Part II. Pink Floyd
Knowledge. Green Day (Before Green Day was cool, thank you!)
October. U2 (That's for you, Amy)
Big in Japan. Alphaville
Walking on the Moon. The Police
An Innocent Man. Billy Joel
The Longest Time. Billy Joel
The Greatest Love. Whitney Houston (Okay, there was a minor breakdown in coolness near the end of side B. I don't know how to explain it.)
Gloria. Manhattan Transfer (Coolness factor is restored. Whew!)

There it is! If anyone wants a copy, I can totally dub one for you. Do they still sell blank tapes at Walgreens?

Sunday, October 15, 2006

Is that a hickey on your neck!?*

This is Steve. Probably if you are reading this (SarahDianaAlyssaAliceMomJocelynAngelaPepperCourtney) you already know that. Steve has been in New York City for six days and--HOORAY, HOORAY, HOORAY--he comes home tomorrow. HOORAY!

Here are a few of the things that I missed while he was gone:

--> Him never criticizing me, just pure love, support and encouragement. How did I get so lucky?
--> Him reading The Hobbit to the boys for a long, long time before bed (because he wants to read it as much as they do) and saying, "Remember the rules? No questions, no comments, no interruptions until we're done."
--> Help getting the kids ready for school.
--> His great, clean smell after he showers after riding his bike home from work.
--> Doing "family" things (i.e., dinner, prayer, family home evening) as a complete family unit.

Here are a few things that he missed out on while he was gone:

--> One third of his daughter's life.
--> Aaron, upon being asked where he wants to serve his mission, saying, "Wherever the prophet wants me to go."
--> Numerous barfing episodes and about 1000 dirty diapers/accidents. (Have I mentioned that already?) And lots of laundry. (Thanks for the help, mom.)
--> Elliot's earnest attempts to dig a tunnel in the backyard.
--> Norah's umbilical cord falling off.
--> Norah's first words and first steps. (Seems like he's been gone for a really, really long time!)
--> Hugs and kisses from five adoring family members.

HOORAY for coming home tomorrow and HOORAY for New York being three hours ahead of us, so it seems like he is that much closer to being on his way.

*It's not. . . this time.

Thursday, October 12, 2006


Broccoli and breastfeeding don't mix.

Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Does my whole entire life consist of cleaning up fluids and chunky substances?

Or is it just today?

Milk and vomit and pee and poop and water and apple juice and Sprite and blood and tears. Up to my eyeballs. I think that about covers it.

Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Olivia and Isaac

We have a lady named Olivia who comes to clean our house every two weeks. Olivia is lovely. Olivia's English is poor at best. (Steve and I have come to terms with the sad but true reality that employing Olivia will preclude either of us from serving our great nation as Secretary of Homeland Security or Secretary of Labor. So don't even try to nominate us.)

We have a son named Isaac who dirties our house every day of the week. (As I write this, Isaac is taking orange highlighter to the green couch.) Isaac is lovely. Isaac's English is understandable to some, but not so much to the lovely Olivia from Mexico, who understands precious little English, even when it is clear-spoken and well-articulated.

Each time Olivia comes, Isaac follows her from room to room and talks to her incessantly as she washes the windows and sweeps the floors. He doesn't care that there is a Great Communication Divide.

Every two weeks, I can count on being cheered by a clean house, and a delightful and entertaining exchange of two lovely people who haven't the foggiest what the other is talking about.

Saturday, October 07, 2006

Today in North Phoenix

Steve. . .

. . .honed his domestic skills: loading the dishwasher, making a delicious lunch of pulled pork with rice and a green salad, shopping at Sprouts, cooking sundry rices and grains for future use.
. . .played football with Da Boys.
. . .planned how he will fill his days and nights with adventure and quietude during his impending trip to the Big Apple sans wife and children.

Elliot. . .

. . .continued his love affair with his football mouthguard.
. . .spent two hours on a chore that should have taken him, oh, about ten minutes.
. . .caused his mother to reflect for the first time about a certain condition called ADD and caused his father to prescribe a diet of no processed foods, just in case.

Aaron. . .

. . .hammed it up for the camera.
. . .didn't care that he is the only boy in his Broadway "Showstoppers" singing and dancing class.
. . .asked if he could take a permanent marker and draw the Nike insignia on some of his white socks that don't have anything on them.

Isaac. . .

. . .belted out a song about Power Rangers while listening to classical music on the iPod.
. . .gave his sister about 300 kisses, when he wasn't throwing her blanket in her face.
. . .bit his brother. Or was that yesterday? It's all such a blur.

Norah. . .

. . .looked very cute in the outfit she got to wear for about half an hour, before throwing up on it.
. . .looked very cute in the next outfit she got to wear for the rest of the day.
. . .slept the day peacefully away after a long, fitful night of gassy stomach issues.

Emily. . .

. . .and Norah were the grateful recipients of this beautiful and oh-so-luxuriously-soft blanket from friends from Steve's work.
. . .took blurry pictures of members of her family.
. . .was very excited to learn that Molly, Grace, Jonah, and Owen have a brand new cousin.

What did you do?