Friday, March 28, 2008

In which to sort out my befuddlement

Do we:

a) buy the house built in the 70's in the perfect location with the most amazingly huge beautiful backyard which (the house) has been immaculately kept for at least the last 25 years which is in a cul-de-sac in really great school boundaries and a fireman lived there so there are freaking ladders (!) outside every second story window -- so, so safe in case of a fire, but sort of easy access for sneaking out and thieves coming in and kids climbing on and falling off of the roof -- and the house is 3800 square feet and lots of bedrooms and an unfinished basement that we could finish any way we wanted but Steve doesn't like the low ceilings and -- AND -- every single surface of the interior including the wallpapered walls, crazy-carpeted floors and light fixtures needs a majorly major cosmetic overhaul?


b) buy the house built in 2001 (ugh) with a boring exterior and a garage that sticks out so that's the first thing you notice, which is heading into foreclosure and is steeply undervalued that is only four bedrooms with really nice hardwood floors and (the best feature by far) a to-die-for mudroom/laundry room and which sits on more than half an acre but the yard is kind of laid out skewy and it sits really far back from the street and it seems really cold because it is covered in big overgrown trees and faces north and it is next to some good friends of ours who have cool kids who are friends with our kids and is right up against a slope of a mountain and there are all kinds of crazy cool places for the kids to explore the woods with footpaths and deer and squirrels and hideouts and cool childhood stuff like that and Steve really likes this one but I'm not so sure and -- get this -- no air conditioning! and problems with the land survey and legal stuff like that and it's a short sell so the bank could keep us waiting for a few months and the house is on the filthy side and the yard needs a lot of work but has a great deal of potential?


c) keep looking and praying?

Thursday, March 27, 2008

Things I learned from the plumber

1. Drano is bad, very bad. Apparently, it gets really hard after it gets really hot, thus making more of a mess in your pipes. And gel Drano turns rubbery. At least, so says the plumber. . .

2. Eggshells in the garbage disposal are bad, very bad.

3. Always run the water for a long while after you turn off the garbage disposal. It takes a while for the water to push the foodstuff all the way down.

4. Even if you don't have a coupon and you don't know if the company has a coupon, ask for him to give it to you anyway.

5. Writing out an invoice at the car is a good time for a smoke break. (This one I actually already knew.)

I'm always open to learning more about plumbing. Does anyone have any more plumbing tips for me?

Monday, March 24, 2008


While I've chosen to not maintain a sidebar list of blogs that I read, it is fun to periodically highlight a few that I do faithfully check in on. Here is one for the enjoyment of the world:

Becky -- My very cute, very intelligent, crafty, easily-frightened, knowledgeable, open-minded, accepting, meat-canning, self-help-book-loving, friendly, faithful sister-in-law. I think everyone who knows her adores her.

Sunday, March 23, 2008

Welcome, 60's!

Thank you for defrosting me. 70's, 80's, and 90's also welcome.

Friday, March 21, 2008

A person's a person no matter how bad at math

Today I saw two (of my annual allotment of three) movies: Horton Hears a Who and Proof.

A few thoughts.

Horton was pretty overtly religiously symbolic. Maybe just for Mormons, though, I don't know. Lots of: if ye have faith ye hope for things which are not seen which are true, worlds without end, persecution of the Savior figure. I even thought maybe the producers hired the MoTab for the climactic number.


I had a difficult time removing the images of Jim Carrey, Steve Carrell and Carol Burnett from my head each time I heard their voices. Doesn't that mean the acting wasn't convincing? Actually, very good acting. They made me laugh. Well, Steve Carrell made me laugh, and that's saying a whole lot for me and an animated flick. (e.g. - Ice Age? I thought it dreadfully unfunny.)

I went to the movie with a whole gaggle of 6 and 7 year olds for a birthday party. My friend traded services to her husband's medical spa for a gazillion movie passes, and the manager just waved us into the theater. She hardly ever pays for anything, just trades credit at the spa. It seriously makes me wish I had a hot commodity that I could offer up in trade. Hmm, I'll have to think about what mad skillz I could offer the world.

Math's not my mad skill, that much I know and that makes me sad. Steve and I both immediately expressed desire to know math better after watching Proof tonight. (Steve also said that math isn't as sexy as reversing the pull of gravity, but obviously you can't have one without the other. Er, you can't have the latter without the former, that is. When I say sexy I mean it like lawyers mean it when they throw it around the conference table, all, "the expert report on blahblah had some sexy facts about suchandsuch" and stuff.) There was a time when I thought I was good at math, but then I peaked intellectually and went to 4th grade, and it's been downhill ever since. No really, I can grasp math concepts pretty well, but I thought I was hot stuff taking AP Calculus and thus testing out of college math altogether, so grade 12 was the last time I ever worked it out.

I want to be hot stuff again. Gwyneth and Anthony and Jake kind of inspired me to add math classes to the list forming in my head of courses I will take when tuition becomes free. Also on the list: bookbinding, chemistry, finance, geography, comparative lit, Isaiah, public policy, film, Spanish, Czech, family history, Norwegian history -- pretty much everything, with the possible exceptions of figure drawing and food science nutrition.

I also don't want to be crazy. Every time I see a movie about mental illness -- which are, incidentally almost 72% likely to be about mathematicians -- I remember about how I don't want to go crazy. Math is good, crazy is scary.

Thursday, March 20, 2008


Take this little quiz to assess how likely you are to enjoy watching tv with me when I have absolute control of the remote.

Which would you rather watch, if you had to pick one?

1. a) Cash Cab
b) Trading Spaces

2. a) local news
b) House

3. a) Lost
b) Heroes

4. a) The Price is Right
b) Friday Night Lights

5. a) Scrubs
b) Clean House

6. a) A Baby Story
b) cable financial news

7. a) Mythbusters
b) America's Next Top Model

8. a) ER
b) America's Best Dance Crew

9. a) Mad Money
b) Larry King Live

10. a) any classic movie
b) Deal or No Deal

How similar are our tv preferences? See comments for how to score.

Friday, March 14, 2008



This morning I'm embracing my music collection.
I'm late to the game, but I'm getting versed in how to use iTunes.
I'm discovering all kinds of new music, the CDs of which I've had for ages. (Thank you, Ryan and Neil and Diana and particularly Nick from Steve's old work who most certainly does not read this blog.)
I'm celebrating my iPod.
I'm researching Lost and trying to decide if Jin and Claire are still alive on the island and whether Ben is good and Widmore is bad and what will become of Hurley and his fragile mental state.
I'm folding laundry.
I'm committing to return to reading and finish books I start.
I'm making a recipe for dinner that my kids are about 60% likely to whine about.
I'm loving my darling new J.Crew pea coat that I found for $40.
I'm paying bills.
I'm considering going to Classic Skate tonight and roller skating with my boys.
I'm hoping that our house sells.
I'm inviting anyone who wants to to play Boggle, aka "Scramble" with me on Facebook.
I'm pondering hubris + infidelity.
I'm loving Steve.

Monday, March 10, 2008

I am so sick of corruption!

Eliot Spitzer. That's all I have to say.

Saturday, March 01, 2008

I wish, I wish with all my heart that J.Lo didn't name her babies Max and Emme in a land apart

I imagine the pressure is high if you are a celebrity and you are naming a child. The world will scrutinize, criticize, either love it or hate it. That is why, if you are a celebrity, every care should be taken to ensure that you are not naming your children after the Hispanic brother and sister duo on a popular PBSkids show.