Thursday, March 20, 2008


Take this little quiz to assess how likely you are to enjoy watching tv with me when I have absolute control of the remote.

Which would you rather watch, if you had to pick one?

1. a) Cash Cab
b) Trading Spaces

2. a) local news
b) House

3. a) Lost
b) Heroes

4. a) The Price is Right
b) Friday Night Lights

5. a) Scrubs
b) Clean House

6. a) A Baby Story
b) cable financial news

7. a) Mythbusters
b) America's Next Top Model

8. a) ER
b) America's Best Dance Crew

9. a) Mad Money
b) Larry King Live

10. a) any classic movie
b) Deal or No Deal

How similar are our tv preferences? See comments for how to score.


Emily said...

Give yourself 1 point for every A in number 1 though 5, and 1 point for every B in 6 through 10. What's your score?

Kalli Ko said...

Um, I think I got 5.

Angela said...

I get a 7

Jord said...

5 out of 10.

Emily said...

My husband got 5. He'd rather watch A Baby Story than financial news. How did we get together?

Sarah said...

8 1/2 for me. I could not answer #5 (I don't like Scrubs and I don't know what Clean House is) and #10 can be tricky so I gave myself half a point. Deal or No Deal is like a train wreck - you just can't look away.

lys said...

I got a 4, but MANY of those shows I've never seen before. I've actually never even heard of a few. . .

Azúcar said...

I got 5-6 depending.

1. I’ve never heard of Cash Cab, so by default, Trading Spaces.
2. I don’t really watch either, but if I’m deliberately picking, House.
3. Sorry, Heroes win.
4. No! I refuse to choose! This is why I have a DVR! I will watch both with you, secure in the knowledge that I will watch the other later.
5. Toughie. I love Scrubs, but I’ve seen them all. Clean House wins unless Scrubs is new.
6. Cable financial news. I hate A Baby Story with such a passion, it knows no end.
7. America’s Next Top Model, I’ve never gotten into Mythbusters
8. Either, you pick.
9. Larry King, but only if someone interesting is on.
10. I love a classic movie, but for shear chance to make fun of people, Deal or No Deal.

Azúcar said...

Your husband likes A Baby Story? And to think, I used to like your husband.

Emily said...

No, he has never seen A Baby Story and he for sure wouldn't like it, but that's how much he is not interested in financial news. I love that you would Tivo The Price is Right!

Azúcar said...

I would and I HAVE. Hey, it was the Million dollar prime time version and there's a writer's strike. A girl does what she has to do.

Austin said...


Anonymous said...

I think I got a 5 but I haven't heard of a couple of the shows.

Lindsey said...

I jumped over from Natalie's blog. I just moved to AZ from Washington... we the movers of the nation.. anyway, I have spent most of the morning reading your blog (very enjoyable) and I must say that I scored almost 100% on this test.. and kudos for America's Best Dance Crew!!! Ps- Why PROVO of all places?

Emily said...

Lindsey, thank you! It makes me happy that you enjoy my blog. I also moved from Washington to Arizona. Provo now because my husband is stupendously happy working for BYU. Otherwise, there would be no reason! Also, you look so very much like a Lindsey I know. I thought it was her making comments on cjane for the longest time.