Friday, March 14, 2008


This morning I'm embracing my music collection.
I'm late to the game, but I'm getting versed in how to use iTunes.
I'm discovering all kinds of new music, the CDs of which I've had for ages. (Thank you, Ryan and Neil and Diana and particularly Nick from Steve's old work who most certainly does not read this blog.)
I'm celebrating my iPod.
I'm researching Lost and trying to decide if Jin and Claire are still alive on the island and whether Ben is good and Widmore is bad and what will become of Hurley and his fragile mental state.
I'm folding laundry.
I'm committing to return to reading and finish books I start.
I'm making a recipe for dinner that my kids are about 60% likely to whine about.
I'm loving my darling new J.Crew pea coat that I found for $40.
I'm paying bills.
I'm considering going to Classic Skate tonight and roller skating with my boys.
I'm hoping that our house sells.
I'm inviting anyone who wants to to play Boggle, aka "Scramble" with me on Facebook.
I'm pondering hubris + infidelity.
I'm loving Steve.


Sarah said...

Wow, you sound busy, but in a good way.
What's the word on your house? Roller skating sounds fun. Seriously.
I'd love to play boggle with you, but do I need a facebook account?

Kalli Ko said...

Lost has got me pulling my hair out. I think everyone is still on the island somehow, or maybe Jin went crazy after leaving the island kind of like Desmond or the ships crew.

Another two seasons of this. Kill me.

c jane said...

If you go to Classic, will you please take pictures?

n said...

no way ben planted the plane.

AmyJune said...

If you are going to Classic Skate tonight, will you be wearing a beautiful green sweater vest dress outfit?

Andelin said...

I'm behind in the music arena as well. I really need to get on board sometime soon! Sounds like a busy day. I'm going to Boggle soon, promise!

Abby said...

today was a good day. -ice cube

Becky said...

Why the hubris and infidelity?

And LOVE the classic Classic Skate pic.

Where do you find $40 pea coats???

Share your new music finds with us :)

Emily said...

Sarah, word on the house is we may have more news about it tonight. Will you come visit us if we get our own house?

Kalli, can we be friends? For real?

Cjane, of course not! Who do you think I am?

N, so Ben is good and that's why Sayid is working for him, not because Sayid sold his soul?

Amy, thanks for the impetus to post that funny picture.

Bethany, don't give up on boggle!

Abby, profound on every level.

Becky, we need to talk more! Hubris and infidelity is a direct result of Mr. Spitzer and the comments you raised on my last post re politicians and personalities. I got a very cute J. Crew coat at Downeast Outfitters. And there were a bunch of new artists I was discovering the other day, but also I delved into some albums I wasn't familiar with: Beth Orton, Prince, Travis, Low, Ponys, Lilys, Pixies, Kitchens of Distinction, etc. S and I are going to see Jose Gonzalez this weekend in Salt Lake.

Andrew & Heidi Dixon said...

I would say most of my dinner recipes have a 90% chance of whining - wish my percentage was in the 60's!
Sending you good vibes that your house sells :)

Andrew & Heidi Dixon said...

Oh and about Lost - maybe the return of Michael to the show will help us figure out some things about Ben - and did you notice last week that on Jin's tombstone it said his date of death was September of 2004? Wasn't that when the plane crashed?