Sunday, May 24, 2009

I have woes

Yesterday morning, five minutes into my jog, something gave way in my lower back, and walking has been a complete joke ever since. The kind of joke that makes you wince and cry and stay in bed for eighteen hours at a time; not so much the funny kind. 

Also, for the life of me, I cannot stand up straight. My torso bends a full thirty degrees to the left, and who knows? maybe I'll be crooked forever after.

I got up at 8 to get the kids dressed for church and to send them on their way to sit with really nice people who also took them home afterward and fed them lunch (so nice!). I got up at 1 to make myself a peanut butter sandwich. And I got up again at 4 to soak in a long bath and get new pajamas on. Then I ventured into the kitchen and saw how my husband has been so busy taking care of me and the children and the ward at large that no one has been attending to the kitchen, so I decided to spend a few painful minutes on my feet to load the dishwasher.

As I hobbled into the laundry room to grab a towel to wipe up Norah's ice cream-water spillage on the counter, Aaron came up the stairs, having just been outside, and announced, "The bishop's here!" and headed straight to the door to open it.

I hardly had time to panic, but somehow I managed a (too loud) "Oh, for heaven's sake!" and lunged to slide the laundry door shut to hide one small portion of our messy house and then tried to tell Aaron, "Wait! Don't open the door yet!" but the door was already in mid-motion. Our visitors surely saw the laundry room, surely heard me yell at Aaron, and surely saw my next act of desperation. In my I-am-WAY-not-appropriately-attired-to-greet-the-bishop state, I pretended the door was not already being opened, and began to run/limp/wince/angularly hobble down the hallway and into the safety of my bedroom. I am extremely confident that Bishop/friend Jim and executive secretary/friend Brent watched the entire escape transpire. The door, after all, was already open.

So in they walked into our pigsty, talked to Steve for a minute, and asked, "How's Emily feeling?" "She's having a rough day." "Oh, can we visit with her?" "She's in bed." Which I was, and, which they also knew, I had only been for about 90 seconds.

So, that was my big exciting adventure for this otherwise painful and unproductive day. (Apologies to Jim and Brent.) Tomorrow I'm going in for my first ever chiropractic visit and hoping beyond hope that one Dr. Higbee can make my body straight and whole again.

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Fill in the blank: eighty percent... is a really good sale. a solid B- on a test.


...of our children will be of the male variety.

It's a boy! We like boys around here, so we think that is just dandy. Our kids are very happy and excited, except maybe for Norah who has been adamant for the last four months that the baby is a GIRL! She finally relented today that it is a boy, but she generously suggested that we name him Sister.

All seems to be well with the baby. We are grateful for health: so far so good. My heart has been breaking lately with news of friends who are experiencing serious baby- and pregnancy-related challenges and to all of them I offer my most sincere expressions of love and offerings of prayer. I would give so much to not have my loved ones suffer.

Monday, May 18, 2009

Change is good

I like this time of year.

The weather is fantastic: I can drive with windows down, read outside, not turn on heat or a/c.
The teachers have stopped assigning homework.
I have vacations to look forward to.
I have time and inclination to nap every day.

Tomorrow I find out the gender and general health of my current fetal child.

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

And I'm lucky to have her

I could write volumes of books about this girl, starting with how we really didn't like each other growing up, and I acted as though I wanted nothing to do with her or her friends, but really it was because I knew I could never measure up to her beauty and charm, so I acted as if I didn't want to, all the while stealing her clothes after she left for school and carefully replacing them just so in her closet before she came home from basketball practice or whatever it was so she wouldn't know I had worn them; then going on to how we became good friends as we got older and I liked that she liked to hang out with my friends, even when I wasn't around; then how we both got married and had kids and became genuine sisters who loved each other; then how she went through a really intensely difficult time in her life, and I felt like it was the most gut-wrenching thing that ever happened to me because I didn't want her to hurt, ever; and then on to how she is the greatest older sister I could hope for and how as I'm typing this, my daughter is pointing at her picture, saying, "She made my blanket for me!" which of course she did because she is so generous with her talents and gifts, and I love her so.

But I have to get my son to preschool in 13 minutes and then get the nail hole patched in my van tire, and I haven't gotten dressed yet, so I'm not going to have time to write those volumes. Plus, I realize that I have been hot-and-cold with recognizing loved ones' birthdays, et cetera, on my blog and I don't want my other much-loved sisters and folks to feel like I love them any less....

So, I'm just going to quickly say: Happy birthday, Sarah! You are wonderful in every way!

Friday, May 08, 2009


Nicole Hill Gerulat of A Little Sussy won a stock photography contest using this image of Isaac. I love it!

(And my sister called to tell me about it, and thought it was Aaron.)