Wednesday, February 17, 2010


Happy birthday to my brilliant, fun, sensitive, would-do-anything-for-me-when-it-comes-right-down-to-it brother. And might I add, handsome. He is so very handsome.

Saturday, February 13, 2010

If you called me tonight

How was your day? I heard you bought tickets for New York and Philly for March.

We went to RCWilley Outlet today to buy a bed. We left with a bed and a tv. That's how we roll: we'd rather risk not getting the best (whatever) if it means we don't have to comparison shop and/or do research on it. The faster the purchase (when the husband and kids are involved), the better. The tv salesman's eyes lit up when he told us about the new Sony Bravia that just came out, and he was young and obviously in-the-know, so we bought it. Yay us. (I'm going to leave for just a moment now to do a quick search on it, just to make sure we did ok. Be right back.) For some reason when we set the tv up, our cable access instantly multiplied from basic cable channels to lots of 'em. Don't know why that happened, but Elliot is excited about Saturday morning television watching prospects.

Did your students sneak in booze in their suitcases again?


I got my hair cut.

How did you manage to get the boys to sleep through the night?

We had tickets to go as a family to the BYU basketball game. But Aaron's bad attitude necessitated that he stay home grounded all day. And Elliot's lack-of-getting-his-chores-done necessitated the same for him. (I'm a mean mom.) Steve volunteered to stay home with them. Then Calvin cried a lot and it took him a while to eat and calm down, so we were already late for the game. Finally -- undeterred -- Isaac, Norah, Calvin and I set off to enjoy the last part of the game. Alas, we pulled up to the Marriott Center just as people started streaming out. So 6 tickets were completely for naught and we went for dipped cones at DQ instead.

Do you want to come over for dinner this week? How about to watch Lost on Tuesday on our new tv?

Mindy had us over for dinner tonight and it was fun. Mindy is good about fostering relationships with the older generation in our neighborhood.

Let's plan a fun weekend trip this summer for our families to do together. Where would you like to go?

I ought to plan a little something for primary singing time tomorrow. I really ought to do that.

(Yawn.) I'm tired.

Talk to you later.

Wednesday, February 03, 2010

Some other photographic gems of the last few months

Cool people who came to Calvin's baby blessing. Gold star to my fabulous Aunt Paula for attending three hours of church!

Our new dining table. We need new chairs. Looking for funky, or yellow, or mismatched, or plastic, or something not brown wood.

The wall of pictures of people I love makes me very happy at Christmastime. Add us to your Christmas card list and send us your picture so I can be happy when I walk by this wall and think about how much I love you.

Milo is fly.

Norah, all bronzed up! She's available for makeup consulting, if you maybe need a few pointers.

Four months old

("Four...four...four...forget it!")