Saturday, February 13, 2010

If you called me tonight

How was your day? I heard you bought tickets for New York and Philly for March.

We went to RCWilley Outlet today to buy a bed. We left with a bed and a tv. That's how we roll: we'd rather risk not getting the best (whatever) if it means we don't have to comparison shop and/or do research on it. The faster the purchase (when the husband and kids are involved), the better. The tv salesman's eyes lit up when he told us about the new Sony Bravia that just came out, and he was young and obviously in-the-know, so we bought it. Yay us. (I'm going to leave for just a moment now to do a quick search on it, just to make sure we did ok. Be right back.) For some reason when we set the tv up, our cable access instantly multiplied from basic cable channels to lots of 'em. Don't know why that happened, but Elliot is excited about Saturday morning television watching prospects.

Did your students sneak in booze in their suitcases again?


I got my hair cut.

How did you manage to get the boys to sleep through the night?

We had tickets to go as a family to the BYU basketball game. But Aaron's bad attitude necessitated that he stay home grounded all day. And Elliot's lack-of-getting-his-chores-done necessitated the same for him. (I'm a mean mom.) Steve volunteered to stay home with them. Then Calvin cried a lot and it took him a while to eat and calm down, so we were already late for the game. Finally -- undeterred -- Isaac, Norah, Calvin and I set off to enjoy the last part of the game. Alas, we pulled up to the Marriott Center just as people started streaming out. So 6 tickets were completely for naught and we went for dipped cones at DQ instead.

Do you want to come over for dinner this week? How about to watch Lost on Tuesday on our new tv?

Mindy had us over for dinner tonight and it was fun. Mindy is good about fostering relationships with the older generation in our neighborhood.

Let's plan a fun weekend trip this summer for our families to do together. Where would you like to go?

I ought to plan a little something for primary singing time tomorrow. I really ought to do that.

(Yawn.) I'm tired.

Talk to you later.


MarySue said...

Love you. Would love to exchange Christmas photos/cards. Would love some visiting can that be found. Best wishes and love to all.

amyegodfrey said...

That was fun! I did try to call you, and I saw that you tried to call me. I like your new hair style. I'm sorry about the missed game. No alcohol/drugs on this trip, at least that I know. We had fun; kids loved playing in the snow; and we got an Excellent rating. The best part was the TAKE 6 concert. Seriously good! I'm excited about your new TV.

Nancy said...

Did you buy a bed for you guys? I thought you really liked your bed. Cute hair, see you this evening.

abby said...

i wish i was coming over this week to watch lost on your new tv. oh, how i wish it.

Neil and Diana said...

Want to help me with my algorithms homework. I wish you were in my class. I like your haircut a lot. I didn't take a shower today. Although I did get dressed ... around 5. In clothing that is pretty much .25 of a step up from pajamas. I like that you went to the game anyway. Is it really cold there? Please tell Isaac that I have a new logic riddle for him. Elliot and Aaron can hear it too, but only if they mind their mother. I'm going to call you right now.

Sarah said...

cute cute hair!

you are brave to take calvin to the game.

who was the bed for?

where did you put the new tv?

Emily said...

The bed was for Norah. We thought that being three and a half, with a younger brother who needs the crib, was strong reason enough to get her out of that crib. (Finally!) Last night was the second night, and she fell out, and hurt her chin pretty badly on the bench that was next to her bed. Ouch ouch ouch.

You'll have to come visit us to see where we put the tv.

Sarah said...

you need a side rail for norah's bed. works for owen.

also, i think you may have been referring to MY boys, regarding the sleeping through the night question. no? at first i thought it was aimed at mom, about the teenage boys on the choir trip. funny.

the answer for my boys: formula!!! the answer for mom's boys: alcohol?

Emz said...

Yay for new TV's!

love the hair!

Andrew and Heidi said...

I'm a mean mom too - I would have done the same thing. They'll appreciate our meanness when they're older, right??