Monday, February 25, 2008

But when I go back, I get to watch tv

Dentist in Phoenix: old guy, dingy office, low-tech = hardly any cavities at all

Dentist in Provo: young guy, super duper duper nice office, high-tech everything and I mean everything = 2 crowns and 3 cavities

Now, maybe any wives of dental reps out there can answer this question for me: Is it because of the advanced capabilities of the high-tech equipment that the Provo dentist noticed my teeth need a lot of work, OR, is it because the Provo dentist spent a lot of money on his office and his equipment (and they need to get paid off) that my teeth suddenly need a lot of work?

Simply gorgeous

Friday, February 22, 2008

Schmeye Ar Ess

SCENARIO: You receive a letter from the IRS stating that you owe them $11,457.99 (what?!) because they're just now examining your 2006 taxes, and, well, that's how much you owe them. You are completely fine with the .99 part, but it's the 11,457 part that's kind of hard to swallow. Do you:

a) Cry
b) Try to call your husband
c) Call your dad, sobbing all the while
d) Go talk to your father-in-law, saying, "I need an attorney," crying all the while
e) Pray
f) Think about what a smart move it was on your part to keep important paperwork such as past years' taxes with you and not in storage
g) Immediately blame Turbotax, and plan how to make them responsible
h) Write a check for $11,457.99
i) Look at the paperwork carefully and determine that the IRS doesn't know what it is talking about
j) Call the IRS and work everything out in a satisfactory and no-money-actually-due fashion
k) Breathe a huge sigh of relief, and turn the focus of your crying to the 138 motor oil stains your son just made on the tan carpet
l) All of the above
m) All of the above except (h)

**Addendum per reader suggestion**
n) Freak out
o) Curl up in a fetal position and wait until someone comes home and finds you there
p) Poop your pants, straight up

Yeah, me too. It's also good, if this happens, to have a sister to call who is happy to drop everything and pick up your son from preschool, so you can focus all your attention on the crying and the calling. (Thanks, Ab.)

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

I don't want any trouble

Blogging is sort of blase.

Tonight Steve came home from studying for the Idaho State Bar and raved about my shrimp salad that I made for dinner, got the kids super enthused about cleaning the house by making a game out of it, helped Elliot study science while he washed the dishes, played a drawing game with the kids (you know the one: fold a paper into sections, each person draws a head, then rotate papers and draw the next section, etc.), helped Aaron read using the scriptures, played yet one more game with the boys a la Mommy hides cubes all over the living room and they try to find them in teams, and put them all to bed.

We are not moving to Idaho.

Steve is awesome.

The hardest cube to find was hidden in the case of the Paula Abdul dance/aerobic video I checked out from the library.

Sometimes Steve makes fun of the exercise videos I check out from the library and do each morning in my pajamas.

I don't know why.

It's been since Phoenix since I've exercised with Margaret Richards and Body Electric on PBS. Anybody else do that one? How is Margaret doing? Is she sixty and scintillating, yet?

I want to go fishing with Jami and David. Or to Disneyland with Sarah and Mark. Or to Rocky Point with Neil and Diana. Or camping with Abby and Jamie. Or to a greasy Philly sandwich shop with Ryan and Jessica. Or to Idaho with Amye and Dennis. Or to Pizzeria 712 with Carina and friends. Or anywhere with any of you.

We are not moving to Idaho.

Wednesday, February 13, 2008


This is a great headline I just saw on

Clemens stands by his guns

Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Things you wouldn't know if I didn't have a blog

Good news! Today I really had nowhere to be until my 8 PM yoga class, so I woke up, assessed my attire, found it fitting for the yoga class, and stayed in it all day. Now, as I run through my routine of time-wasting sites on the computer because I'm procrastinating getting ready for bed (like I always do ["I'm too tired to get ready for bed!"]), I'm realizing that I'm already wearing clothes I can sleep in. Nice, and I'm not even being sarcastic.

Also nice: going to Target in the 9 to 10 PM hour.

Not very nice, but funny: The lady checking out the clothes rounders at Target next to me, talking on her phone to a very talkative gentleman, then hanging up on him in the middle of his long-windedness, not because she's mad, but because -- as I soon find out -- her stepson is boring her with the detailed drama of trying to get back with his ex-wife. She'll tell him later that her phone died. Stepmoms are not to be trusted!

Well, good night. Don't think I'm gross because I stayed in my pajamas for what will end up being around 36 hours. You all should try it.

Saturday, February 02, 2008

Austin and Angela know

What kind of a restaurant has seating accommodations for parties of 2 or 3 or 4, but whose absolute max is accommodating one party of six at a time? Specifically, what kind of restaurant in Utah County, Utah, where the average size of a family who may wish to pop in at your restaurant is 17.4 people?

I am not going to tell you what kind of a restaurant it is because, after my little party of 6 went there tonight, and waited and waited, and watched as party after party arrived after us and got seated before us, and waited some more, and heard how everyone was raving about the food as they walked out, and asked the hostess when our table would be available, and waited some more, and finally got mad and left and went to a much less exciting establishment and had a much less exciting meal -- after all that, I'm bitter and I don't want to give them any free publicity, good or bad.

Also, (apparently I'm not done ranting) what kind of a restaurant works really hard at having a really good menu, and works to get all kinds of good buzz about it, but makes the restaurant teeny tiny, and has almost zero effective waiting space? Yeah, it's the same place and I'm still not going to tell you.