Tuesday, February 19, 2008

I don't want any trouble

Blogging is sort of blase.

Tonight Steve came home from studying for the Idaho State Bar and raved about my shrimp salad that I made for dinner, got the kids super enthused about cleaning the house by making a game out of it, helped Elliot study science while he washed the dishes, played a drawing game with the kids (you know the one: fold a paper into sections, each person draws a head, then rotate papers and draw the next section, etc.), helped Aaron read using the scriptures, played yet one more game with the boys a la Mommy hides cubes all over the living room and they try to find them in teams, and put them all to bed.

We are not moving to Idaho.

Steve is awesome.

The hardest cube to find was hidden in the case of the Paula Abdul dance/aerobic video I checked out from the library.

Sometimes Steve makes fun of the exercise videos I check out from the library and do each morning in my pajamas.

I don't know why.

It's been since Phoenix since I've exercised with Margaret Richards and Body Electric on PBS. Anybody else do that one? How is Margaret doing? Is she sixty and scintillating, yet?

I want to go fishing with Jami and David. Or to Disneyland with Sarah and Mark. Or to Rocky Point with Neil and Diana. Or camping with Abby and Jamie. Or to a greasy Philly sandwich shop with Ryan and Jessica. Or to Idaho with Amye and Dennis. Or to Pizzeria 712 with Carina and friends. Or anywhere with any of you.

We are not moving to Idaho.


Anonymous said...

Now, Emily, there are a lot of folks who would LOVE to move to Idaho!
Steve was Superdad tonight, for sure.
Let's talk about Heber or Zion for this summer. AG

Abby said...

I can't wait to see our little tae kwon do friend.

When you say blogging is blase you make me feel blase, so just stop it. I don't want any trouble.

AzĂșcar said...

Yay! I'm skeptical of Idaho.

Courtney said...

Does Steve have to take the Idaho bar because he does work for BYUI too?

As for his teaching to read using the BofM, is he just reading from the BofM or is he using this curriculum:
I started this curriculum with Seth a couple of weeks ago and have liked it. Our school district is whole language based and I worry he doesn't get enough phonics. I like that this program combines phonics and sight words.

Sarah said...

How about Arizona in April? We're excited to see you!

steve said...

Does blase rhyme with ace? Or does blase rhyme with laissez?

Maybe we're not moving there, but I do get to go there and take a 9 hour test.

c jane said...

Have fun in Idaho. There's nothing out there but sugar factories and farmlands.

I had no idea you were moving.

Andrew & Heidi Dixon said...

What a nice husband you have - I don't know if I could handle Andrew studying for another bar exam. I moved to Utah for 6 weeks so he could study the last time!

I want to hear more about this shrimp salad - how do you get your kids to eat that for dinner? Would you mind sharing the recipe with me?
You can always run away to Vegas and come see us!

Andelin said...

Sheesh! If you're trying to liven things up in this blase world of blogging...you're succeeding! I never know what I'll come across when I read your posts! :-)

I tried to do a similar thing on my post of "Tag". Under "things people don't know about me" I wanted to put "I'm pregnant" and then say on the next line, "just kidding". Lee wouldn't let me. He made me erase it. I guess there are some things that just aren't "kidding" material (besides I'm not quite sure that I am.... kidding). :-(


Glad you're not moving to Idaho! We still want to come visit you guys, ya know. And I don't think we're ever venturing up that far, no offense Idaho. ~Bethany

Andrew & Heidi Dixon said...

Steve: why are you taking the Idaho bar? --Andrew

Neil and Diana said...

Let's make it happen, sweetheart. Neil and I would love to go down Mexico way this summer, sandwiched in between Zion and Heber. And I am so serious.

Emily said...

AG, name two.
Abby, where was our little fatherless friend?
Azucar, solidarity, my friend.
Courtney, I didn't know there was a curriculum. Thanks.
Sarah, barbecue at your place?
Steve, laissez blase.
C jane, you're funny.
Heidi, the kids eat plain shrimp. I just made the salad for Steve and I. The recipe is Ina Garten's Lobster Salad in Endive recipe. I'll email it to you if you want me to.
Andelin, so are you or aren't you pregnant??
Andrew, he does legal work for BYU -- Idaho.
Diana, plan, baby, plan. I'm there.

Andrew & Heidi Dixon said...

Steve: on the Idaho bar exam, there will be a question that goes something like this: "Why do all the trees in Utah point northward?" Just remember, the answer is: "Because Idaho sucks." Good luck! --Andrew

Anonymous said...

Idaho state bar? Why even study? It's too easy! Take a hard bar exam like Ca or NY! Wuss.