Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Who will be the first to call me a liberal?

On health care reform:
I like change. I think HCR has the opportunity to do a lot of good for a lot of people who are otherwise suffering. I'm pro- trying something new to see if it makes things better. If it doesn't make things better, there's always another solution down the road. I'm happy that Obama has done something he set forth to do. I'd like for him to have a successful presidency; I'm pulling for him for that. Success is obviously subjective, but I think it's the hardest job in the universe, and why not offer a little support where I can? I don't think most of America actually understands what they're bemoaning about, which makes me kind of cranky because I feel like it's being contrarian just for the sake of being contrarian and what's productive about that? If bemoaners know what they're talking about, and want to bemoan, then by all means, let's hear it.

On revelation about Kevin Garn's DUI arrest, apparently while he was an LDS bishop, and before he ran for state legislature:
I abhor lies on any level, and this takes the cake for lying. I'm personally offended by this man's alleged behavior. And I feel especially betrayed because I was willing to give him the benefit of the doubt on the hot tub thing. Ugh. Ew. Blagh. Seriously, to all friends and family: if you lie to me, I don't like it even one teeny tiny bit. If a politician lies to me, you have lost any chance of efficacy you ever had.

On BYU basketball:
I'm a-buyin' tickets for next year. The game I saw in person was the most thrilling event of my winter.

On this blog:
Was just telling my sister...the more blogs there are that are funny and well-written and nice to look at and making lots of money, the less interested I am in my own blog and the less I care about who reads, if I write anything worthwhile, how it looks, if I'm wearing makeup in the videos I post. That's so me to have a converse reaction. I'm a little bit of a contrarian. Just for the sake of being a contrarian.


AmyJune said...

OH i love you Emily. I'm so googling that guy's name since I am assuming he is a politician from UT and I have no idea what you are talking about.

Sarah said...

just don't give up blogging.

i too, am interested in this kevin garn you brought up. isn't there a utah furniture store or car lot with the garn name?

if obama's plan does not work, it will be VERY hard to change. so it won't be as simple as trying something new. that's worrisome.

Emily said...

Amy, you know why the crowds were so manageable at Reagan's viewing, don't you?

Sarah, I would actually love to talk to you about your position on this because I think you would have some unique insights.

amyegodfrey said...

You captured my thoughts on the HCR. I support Obama. Please don't stop writing. You are very, very good at it.

Rich Alger said...

This bill is way too expensive. At some point we have to pay down our debt or we will have nothing to give to our grandchildren.

See also, 20 Ways ObamaCare Will Take Away Our Freedoms

amyegodfrey said...

We need to stop livin' large, and start thinking about our neighbors.

lys said...

It looks as though you still need someone to call you liberal. I will refer JoMama to your blog.

Emily said...

Amye, I learned it from watching you.

Richard, I'm a big proponent of balancing the budget and reducing the deficit. If the gov't gets serious about doing that on all fronts, I'm all for spending less money.

Alyssa, yes, please send JoMama. I need a little more JoMama in my life!

abby said...

you liberal.

abby said...

i just don't want healthcare like canada.

Rich Alger said...

So, Emily you only want to reduce the debt if we do it on all fronts? We have to take a stand.

We all have the opportunity to exchange livin' large for more generisity. When we do it through taxing our neighbors it increases waste and corruption.

I posted more on this here

Emily said...

Abby wins! Word.

Richard, the Bush administration left me pretty disillusioned about the Republican Party's commitment to fiscal responsibility. I just don't think it's a good reason to not want the health care reform package when the wars are costing what they do.

Rich Alger said...

I have also been disillusioned by the Republicans lack of fiscal responsibility. Yet giving power to a group with less discipline is not the answer.

Your war cost logic doesn't follow. It's like you and your husband decided to buy a tank and that went way past your budget. So you decide well, let's also buy a MRI machine just so its fair.

There are ways to change the health care system that don't cost a trillion dollars and that will actually improve the system rather than be a disincentive to health care providers. What do you think of the Patient Choice Act proposed by Paul Ryan?

neil said...

you can't cover 30 million people without spending more money. paul ryan can't do it. it can't be done. fortunately this legislation more than pays for itself with medicare expenditure cuts and tax hikes. feel free to complain about the taxes, but spare the bit about "it's not fiscally responsible" since this new law actually REDUCES the deficit.

Emily said...

You mean that in the nicest way possible, right?

Rich Alger said...

10 years of tax increases to pay for 6 years of spending. No wonder they got a good CBO *preliminary* score.

Paul Ryan: Hiding Spending Doesn't Reduce Spending

You really believe that this law will reduce the deficit?

Jord said...

I just hope Jimmer is still around for you to watch next year...his ball skills make the games worth it.

Stephanie said...

Just so you all know Rich is passionate, but very friendly.

And on another note, we are itchin' to come visit you guys this summer. We will be going to Aspen Grove and would love to stop by for a bit.

I just hope you won't mind some lively conversations.

Rich Alger said...

I didn't mean to be offensive. I get a little passionate at times. I want my grandchildren to have all the opportunities I have had.

I appreciate hearing your point of view.

Callie said...

You're such a liberal Emily ;) Your views line up very much with mine. I support our President. I think change is good in this instance. The complaining by most conservative's has become monotanous at best, and like you I wonder if it has much merit. What is funny to me is this was a huge chunk of his platform, and what got him many votes. Now that he is actually following through with it, people are shocked and horrified. If we are going to spend billions on something, I can't think of anything better.

Emily said...

Stephanie and Richard, we'd love to have you come see us this summer. You're welcome to stay here. Last time you came Richard didn't say a word about politics, so I was surprised to find out how passionate he really is.

Callie, you and Tom and kids should come see us this summer, too! It would be so fun!

Emily said...

Jordan, you too, natch. Come see us. The last game was too sad, wasn't it? Thanks for talking basketball with me.

AzĂșcar said...

You nailed my ideas about HCR, too.

I'm with you on everything, except the basketball, because no.

brandi said...

my liberal friend- emily, i love it when you use the word contrarian.

it is refreshing to hear your views. sometimes i wonder where all the reasonable people are around here. in provo, i guess.

your thoughts on blogging are why i don't have a blog, well one reason.
i love your unpretentious, laid back blog. it is a true expression of how you really are.

i personally support a single payer system. i do hope this is a step in the right direction, but have mixed feelings about it. now how liberal is that?

Kacy said...

I agree with you, Emily, totally. But I don't like basketball. So I guess I agree most fully with Carina.

Jennifer said...

Emily, you have so many readers and are such a fine writer, why would you ever give up blogging? But I share your feelings about it. There's so many "professional," money-making, glamorous blogs out there, I can't keep up. Too bad everything fun always ends up competitive.

Unfortunately, I do not share your feelings on HCR. (I know, you're shocked.) Exhausting arguments aside, I think it's all about what direction the country is taking in general. More government dependency will be disastrous; we have way too much already. I don't think a culture of entitlement benefits anybody, and I do not believe health care is a right that we can demand from our government, any more than we can demand transportation or jobs, as important as those things are, too. From a young age, we know we must provide those things for ourselves, so we find a way to do it.

I agree, we need to be generous with our neighbors. Of course we do. No one disputes that. I just disagree with the method. Our generosity should not be mandated. Our compassion should be given freely through the money we earn ourselves, not garnished off of our wages by Big Brother. Charity ceases to be charity when it is forced. Then it just becomes higher taxes, and it's meaningless to the giver. And expensive. And unfair. And poorly distributed. And, in this case, pretty unconstitutional. I'm shocked that a lot people are okay with the fact that we will be fined if we don't buy into the program. Are they kidding? And what about what it will do to the quality of healthcare in our country? This is so off the charts from anything we've seen in decades, I'm really surprised that anyone is for it, even Obama supporters. I hope no one hates me for saying that, but really, I am surprised.

Okay I'm done. Thanks for listening.

And I still think you're nice. And cute. And have cute kids. And a cute blog. We're okay, right? :)

Emily said...

Oh, we're okay, Jenny Christensen. We have a history, you and I. That, and the fact that I really hate people who hate people who disagree with them politically, so I'm not one of them.

Jennifer said...

Hearing you call me "Jenny Christensen" takes twenty years off. Please do it some more.

Disagreeing with friends is half the fun of politics. Don't you agree? (Disagreeing with me on that would not be fun. Don't do it.)

You go on a lot of cool trips. What's taking you to D.C. this time? And I HAVE to hear the sordid story of your first trip to D.C. Won't you tell me [a] little story about it?

Sarah said...

Agreed. Agreed. Agreed. And agreed. :) hope all is going well! our primary is loving the mailbox idea so thanks for sharing your tips.