Monday, March 15, 2010


This little piggy dressed like Steve Jobs.

This little piggy's five months.

This little pigsty got completely pulled out leaving only dirt and rocks so we can redesign a cool garden space.

This little piggy had fun.

This little piggy cries, "Waa waa waa waa," once in a while at home.


Anonymous said...

Where's the 5th little piggy? We just enjoyed all your fun photos! Calvin is adorable. AG

AmyJune said...

Love the crying picture of Calvin. Good blackmail material in a few years.

Sarah said...

there's a story behind each one of those photos. how did you get the bush out? and was elliot aiming for steve jobs? if so, why?

cute cute kids! keep blogging.

Anonymous said...

I mean, where are the 4th and 5th piggies? Can't wait to see what you do with the back yard. AG

Nancy said...

Cute pics, love the one of Calvin smiling!

Amy said...

Junipers! Ahhh I hate them too. we've ripped them out of every yard we've had.

brandi said...

that sweet, calm, perfect baby cries? i'm excited for your garden space. what potential that yard has.
stupid juniper bushes.

i loved seeing you, let's do it again soon.