Monday, March 29, 2010

The world is flat

Isaac starts Chinese immersion next year in first grade. I'm thinking about taking Chinese 101 at BYU in the fall so I can learn with him, in spite of his pouty insistence that he wants "to be the only one in the family who speaks Chinese,"

(what happened to my sweet Isaac? there's some bratty kid who's taken over his body. I blame the losing of the second front tooth -- Mr. Sassy Pants)

but the classes offered are at the worst possible times known to motherkind: 8 AM or 4 PM, EVERY DAY. Hmmm, how committed am I to this?

In related news*, I'm going on a trip in June with my husband and only one of my little monkeys to our nation's fine capital {a or o, a or o? google doesn't seem to know} city and I'm interested in any of y'all's favorite things to do there. What one museum, one restaurant, one stroll, one bakery, etc. is not to be missed? Please share.

If you do, I'll tell you about the only time I have been to DC and how it was a pivotal, tormented, maddening, bizarre, lonely, enlightening four days in my young history. How perhaps I could pinpoint my very passage of young womanhood into womanhood on those exact four days. Also, how I was quite unrequitedly lovesick for Steve Craig, although I didn't know it at the time, since I was dating his friend, but that was an extraneous emotion and not at all connected to the maddening, bizarre, pivotal, tormented stuff.

So, do: tell me your favorite place to be in DC.

*Related in that: my kids can be sassy pants and I need a break, and oh look! there's a break coming up on the calendar. That will be really nice for me. I look forward to that.


~j. said...

The Iwo Jima statue. I'll never forget seeing it.

And, that temple (first one I ever entered -- rode a bus 12 hours to get there).

amyraye said...

i believe you have a facebook friend that could give you lots of (very opinionated) advice on things to do in DC. pepper lived there for several years and loves to share his knowledge of our nation's capital (following your lead). e-mail him- really.

abby said...

chinese is freaking hard dude! it was also my favorite class in college. dui le.

go to: georgetown cupcakes. that's all i know. read rockstar diaries and i'm sure you'll find stuff.

Sarah said...

i was going to suggest rockstar diaries too.

it's o.

there is no way you'll make it to those class times: school starts and school ends. how would you manage that?

Emily said...

Actually, it's a.

Gwen said...

If you like architecture I would suggest the Pope-Leighy house. It is a little out of the city in Virginia and was designed by Frank Lloyd Wright. There are also some interesting, but easily missed memorials like the memorial to the Boy Scouts, or the memorial to the men of the Titanic. Oh, and some people say the Air Force memorial has the best views of the city, better than Iwo Jima. And if you want to travel up, its easier to get tickets to the top of the Old Post Office than to the top of the Washington Monument. Given all that insider info though, my favorite place is still the Lincoln Memorial at night.

Nancy said...

Emily the classes you choose to take crack me up, statistics, chinese? Both would be hell on earth for me, and I never swear! Why not try calligraphy or flower arranging?

amyegodfrey said...

That's funny, Nancy.
I think it's fantastic that Isaac gets this opportunity in school!
My favorite D.C. attractions from living there 35 years ago: the memorials, the Smithsonian, Mt. Vernon, Great Falls Park, Manassas Battlefield, Arlington Nat'l. Cemetery, the White House.

Amy said...

Capitol is the building, Capital is the town :-)

tessa said...

Steve started a Mandarin class as an elective and after 2 days dropped because of the intense time requirements. Maybe next semester they'll have a nice mid-day or evening section? DC is fun. We've got family there. Thanks for posting the info reported to you.