Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Emily's Rules

  1. Don't not live somewhere because of the weather.
  2. Do not give reciprocal Christmas gifts or cards. Accept what others give you graciously, with no manner of "Oh shoot now I have to give them something, too."
  3. Don't go to Walmart.
  4. Buy good toilet paper.
  5. Neither encourage nor discourage the believing of Santa Claus. It's like a Don't Ask Don't Tell policy, but if you have to do one or the other: discourage.
  6. Keep your children's expectations for Christmas presents low. Do this by never asking them to make lists of what they want.
  7. Have a policy of inclusion when it comes to social gatherings.
  8. Try new restaurants or new menu items at old restaurants.
  9. Mismatch whenever possible.
  10. Express gratitude when people do nice things for you.
  11. Read the news.
  12. Make sacrifices, especially in the name of financial responsibility.
  13. Sleep is more important than many, many things.
  14. Few things in life are worth waiting in long lines for.
  15. Try new recipes.
  16. Take recommendations for books, movies, and television.
  17. Don't watch television.
  18. Don't keep ice cream on hand perpetually. Buy it a couple of times a year, max.
  19. Teach your children music.
  20. Have a child without drugs, but embrace epidurals for all the other children who may come if you feel like it.
  21. Introduce yourself.

Number 2 is my favorite.

Thursday, December 09, 2010

Vintage dresses

Somebody should buy these darling dresses on Etsy.

Is there a pioneer trek in your future? Fabulous bargain!

This could be really great.

Love it.

Why have I not shopped on Etsy before? darling darling stuff.

I would do prom so differently if I had it to do over.

Shopping is so fun. All of a sudden I'm an Etsy fan.


All right. I'll stop now.