Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Look what the storm blew in

If you are completely unprepared in (almost) every way to birth your child due to the fact that your body does not really do spontaneous labor and you thought you had a good two weeks to worry about details and thus

{house is a mess
haven't begun to wash or sort baby clothes
no newborn diapers
...or bouncy seat
...or swing
...or nursing pads
...or bassinet/port-a-crib for your room
...or pacifiers
packed hospital bag is but a distant dream
child's big oral presentation on William Clark is not ready to go
baby name is not solidified
neighbor kids are coming over tomorrow for a playdate
not mentally geared up to go drugfree
have tickets to Friday night's football game
haven't registered with the hospital
no groceries in the house}


you're emotionally and physically ready to not be pregnant anymore and to meet this new precious babe and he has joyously turned his little cute self around so he is head-down after all the fuss about being breech,


you tiredly say prayers with your husband before going to bed and offer up as a casual aside to Heavenly Father to "please bless my body go into labor on its own," you know, just for kicks, because that doesn't happen for you


be prepared to wake up at 2:15 that very night to contractions that hurt and that continue to get more frequent and lengthy and painful and then take a shower and an hour later wake up your husband saying, "I'm in labor," and when he says, "What should I do?" and you say, "I don't know" and he falls back asleep you say, "I'm pretty sure falling back asleep is not the right answer" and then grab a few things and straighten up a few things, and then call your mother-in-law and go to the hospital

AND THEN -------

at 5:25 welcome a perfect little boy into the world.

'Cause that's how it all went down for me.

Calvin Baker
7 pounds, 6 ounces
blonde hair, receding hairline
12 days early! (never thought his birth month would be September)
positively perfect

Monday, September 28, 2009


Isaac turned six this month. He's a cool kid. Yesterday, after a lifetime of crying every time he was required to clean his room or do a chore, he announced that he loves to help clean, and spent the afternoon -- a couple of hours, at least -- asking, "What can I do to help?", then doing it with a smile and coming back for more assignments. A freak occurrence? Perhaps, but I'm going to be reminding him of it with great frequency.

He's smart, and I am enjoying that he is the oldest in his kindergarten class because I think school will come easier to him and he will have an opportunity to be a leader. He also seems to have natural athleticism; and his long fingers are helping him right along with plucking out his C's and D's on the piano. Three lessons, and well on his way to concert halls.

I tell people that Isaac is spacey, but I don't know if that is accurate. I think he is the third child -- yea, third boy -- in our family and thus accustomed to less attention from his parents and more negative attention from his older sibs, so he has kind of learned to survive on the periphery, learned to act like a monkey. But he is observant, and he's bright. Might I add that I am a third child and since this little kiddo was born, I have felt a kinship with him (that goes beyond being his mom, which I concede is already a pretty strong kinship, but hear me out) because we have that middle/third child connection. I know.

Anyway, I love this boy. He brings me a lot of happiness.

Also, I am no good at taking pictures. There are lots of things I am not good at, and that is one of them. Laundry is another thing.

Also, this picture of my dad is just because it was on my desktop for some unknown reason, and because I love my dad and his scowls. So why not add it to this post?

Also, my baby was breech and not turning around. But! today the doctor thought the head was down, and I have no idea how that happened because I felt nothing. However, I'm not that surprised that he turned, and I attribute it one hundred percent to the faith of my husband and everyone else who may have offered up prayers on our behalf. I'm having an ultrasound tomorrow to verify baby's position, and if it turns out the doctor was wrong and the babe is still breech, then I still think my husband has faith. And he'll channel it for a safe c-section.

Also, I've never seen an episode of Perry Mason, I'm almost certain. It's on in the background, and they use big words. I like big words. I must learn more of them.

Friday, September 18, 2009

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Isaac wins!

Isaac's name got picked out of a hat at the BYU women's volleyball game tonight to compete for football tickets to this weekend's Florida State game. This child, who has no inhibitions, went down to the court, did not know the fight song, but oh, he growled! He won! I love it.