Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

H Street

In Washington,  Steve and I and Diana, my sister-friend, had dinner in Chinatown where we took Pepper's advice on the honey walnut shrimp. It was all very delightful. Calvin wanted a fortune for each hand and one for his mouth. Calvin was and is a super champy baby traveling companion who at 9 months has been to 12 states*. The peeps behind us in this photo had SO MUCH FOOD on their table -- all meaty dishes. It was grody to the max.

*In order: Utah, Idaho, Arizona, Nevada, California, Montana, Wyoming, Maryland, District of Columbia, Virginia, Delaware, Pennsylvania

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Making my list

I've been limiting my Costco excursions to once a month or so in favor of other grocery stores in the area, but the result has been that when I do go to Costco, my list is full of the items that it really only makes sense to buy there, usually for cost reasons.

These things include but are not limited to:

baby wipes
frozen fruit
baby formula
garbage bags
artichoke hearts
kalamata olives
dental floss
minced garlic
printer paper

What have I missed? What else is cheaper and/or best to buy at Costco?

Friday, July 09, 2010

El fin

They were setting up for Clinton's second inauguration on the lawn in front of the Capitol. (You know, They.) I was wandering the city alone, having successfully indicated to Nate that though we were left alone together on this capital adventure, we were not together. There were really not many people around -- it was cold. Loudspeakers blared Unforgettable by the Coles -- I mean really, really blared -- and I wanted to dance.

I'm pretty sure I was heartsick for Steve and it was him with whom I wanted to slow dance right there on the mall, but I'm also pretty sure I didn't allow myself to entertain that dream. He was newly home from Chile; we had been spending all kinds of time together, for he was my best friend (but most especially he had a car and could take me to the grocery store); but there really was just no way a romantic relationship was ever going to come of that. He was convinced of it and I was reluctantly convinced of it and no, we had never had this discussion, but he had eagerly given his blessing to James to ask me out and that was evidence enough that Steve did not love me like I had secretly loved him since 11th grade.

And so I had begun to date James. I had begun to like James. And I acknowledged to myself, and to James, that it was James whom I was missing on this lonely, coming-of-age trip to Washington. I wrote him a heartfelt letter. I sent him a long postcard. I channeled all my heartsick loneliness to the guy back in Phoenix who was into me when Steve Craig so clearly was not. I told James about wanting to dance with him as the workers set up chairs and presidential structures, and about how instead I did a signature shoulder dance move of his right there in the middle of the sidewalk in the middle of the city to honor the moment and him and the 26 states between us.

And that was my trip to DC. The first time I'd been back east. An extension and final installment of my assumption of adulthood that began in earnest six months previously during my thrilling and also lonely summer in southern Africa.

The epilogue goes like this: I came home and married Steve, natch, and I still marvel that I was able to make that happen when I think about it. James was gracious and emotional and sweet when I called to tell him our engagement news; the next person he dated after me became his beautiful, classy wife. Cassie and Shawn got married. Nate is nowhere to be found on Facebook. Clinton balanced the budget and lied to the world. And I got to go back to DC this month, for the second time ever, this time with Steve Craig and our baby #5. We had a wonderful time, thank you for asking.