Saturday, September 30, 2006

My baby girl

Norah finally came into the world on Tuesday, September 26th. She is perfect in every way. Steve tells people that "everything went really well" in the hospital, but I have a slightly different take on that. For me, it was a bit on the traumatic side. But she is so worth it! More pictures to follow....someday soon.

(Thanks, Bek, for sharing the name with us.)

Saturday, September 23, 2006

Not a chance

It's kind of nice to be inconvenienced by a tardy child, if for no other reason than I feel justified saying NO to things people ask me to do. It is uncharacteristic of me to say no. I operate according to the principles of obligation and guilt and service and the golden rule, so I seriously just don't say no very often. But this weekend? Ask me to teach Relief Society for you (someone seriously did). NO. Ask me to take your daughter to work tomorrow. NO. Ask me if I'm going to get all dolled up and go to the RS broadcast at the Stake Center. NO. (But I will listen to it on the internet, because obligation does run thickly through my veins.)

Furthermore, if you are a stranger in the grocery store, ask me to turn around so you can see my butt so you can determine if I am right that I really am having a girl, even though you think I'm having a boy by the shape of my pregnant torso, and you can usually tell just by looking. HEAVENS NO, I won't do it. Ask me to elaborate to you in the bathroom at Sprouts about how far dilated I am. Um, NO. Discussion of my cervix is stictly off limits to strangers.

No, no, no! It feels pretty good.

And now, I give unto you an opportunity to say no. If anyone would like to visit me post-baby, and bring a little something special, let me just put it out there that I have really been craving brownies. Mmmm, brownies. Please? I'll be your best friend.

Friday, September 22, 2006


Forty weeks.

No baby yet. Will take action if nothing by Tuesday. Thanks for asking.

Tuesday, September 19, 2006

But mostly I just wanted to give you a visual on the amniotic sac (which Steve will be eating, natch)

Q: What do these things have in common?

rupture of membranes
amniotic sac
Patricia Kennedy Lawford
Peter Lawford
Christopher Lawford
Gordon B. Hinckley
Gilligan's Island

Thursday, September 14, 2006


I sat down at the computer to type up the PTSA minutes. Isaac was playing happily in his room. After 30 minutes or so, I thought it seemed kind of quiet, so I called out to him. No answer.

I went in his room--he wasn't there. So I started looking for him, calling out his name, in all the rooms in the house. Our house just isn't that big, so I quickly discovered that he wasn't in any of the rooms in our house. I checked outside, even though all doors leading outside were locked. I checked closets, under beds, under blankets and bedding. I looked in the garage. I checked everywhere again, and a third time. I even opened the dryer door, in a desperate attempt to find my child. By this time, I was imagining the worst and getting upset and praying and playing out in my mind the call to Stephen at work that I lost our son and he needed to come home. I was about to enlist the neighbor's help.

ISAAC!!! Where are you?

About 10 minutes of this horror passed before I pushed aside the shirts in my closet and saw two beautiful little feet behind them. He had fallen asleep behind my clothes in my closet, something he has NEVER even come close to doing before. I grabbed him and gave him a big hug and held him close, and moved him out onto the couch.

He's still sleeping peacefully, through it all.

Sunday, September 10, 2006

Maybe I'll name her Sedona

I had a lovely, if slightly physically uncomfortable, weekend, thank you for asking. I pulled off the cocktail dress, I think. (Not literally. That would have been a little risque for this law firm crowd.) My shoes even fit. Hooray! The cheap jewelry looked smashing.

I splurged on the second best rated destination spa in the world, according to last year's Travel and Leisure Mag. Guess what? It wasn't worth it, but oh well, now I know. So, what special Sedona-ish treatment did I opt for, you ask? Was it the "Hands Off" guidance session connecting me spiritually to my baby's energy? Was it the $135 per hour journaling experience, in which someone coaches me in recording my inner ambitions and desires? The 60-minute Walk and Talk treatment? No, none of the above, although they were certainly available for the taking. No, I got the Arizona Sun Pedicure and Manicure combo. The 90-minute treatment that was more like 70 minutes. And no foot or hand massage. And lukewarm water to soak my feet in. And the ambience was lame, and the manicurist was extraordinarily chatty and a little vulgar, and the Asians do just as good a job, for a whole lot less money. But my fingernails are buffed, and my toenails looked good....for a few hours, until the right toe polish smudged. Alas.

Irregardless of the disappointing spa experience (I know it's not a word---don't hate me because I used a nonexistant word on purpose just to be obnoxious), Sedona was great: great weather, great meals, great company, great luxury at no cost to us.

I came home to learn that Norah, a top name contender, is my second son's name backward, if spelled slightly differently. Noraa. Thank you, Ryan. Everyone should run potential names for their kids past my brother before the actual naming occurs. He's very smart and will catch, for example, that Eliott, spelled as such, is an anagram for ''toilet". A critical discovery, if you ask me. A fortuitous catch.

I have been anxious for this child of mine to arrive, but now I'm just fine with waiting until at least Tuesday. A September 11th birthday would kind of be the pits.

Oh, and one more item of interest and excitement. I am a Den Leader. The day I've dreaded since the birth of my first son has arrived. I guess it's not so bad.

Thursday, September 07, 2006

Random Stuff

Baseline Killer suspect in jail, except not for being the Baseline Killer. Just accused of one the attacks--a double rape. He looks so nice in his booking photo. That's so me to feel sorry for the dude (I don't really, but just kinda.) Like I can really hate a sports team and root against them an entire season, and then when they lose the big game in overtime and look so crestfallen and dejected walking off the court, I'm all, "Oh, that's so sad. Poor guys." ......... My car seat that I ordered came today, so I can have the baby now. .......... Baby really hurting my right rib cage. Why must they always go for the right? From experience I know it will have to stop hurting before I will give birth, like the baby drops or something. Oh, when? ............. Going to a dinner Saturday requiring 'Cocktail Dress' which means that all the women will be All Bronzed Up. Have nothing cocktaily that fits. Not about to buy something at this late stage in the pregnancy. Will wear simple black dress, and try to accessorize to dress it up. Not so good at the accessorizing. Will everyone know if I wear cheap jewelry? Do I even care? Also, feet are swollen. Will be interesting about which shoes I might be able to make fit. Will take 12 pairs in my luggage just in case. Oh yeah, it's an out-of-town dinner. Testing my fate with getting to the hospital on time in case I go into labor (PLEASE!!) .......... Need new carpet. I always procrastinate calling the repair/home-improvement guys. Don't know why. ........... My poor kids are so sunburned because I failed them last weekend at the lake in the sunscreen department. Bad mom. Peeling little urchin boys. Check-out guy at Target sure made a lot of judgmental comments about me and mine today: sunburn, huh? like to have your hands full, huh? I tried not to make any internal judgments about him, but it was hard. ............ Going tomorrow to buy J.U.N.K. from this company in a warehouse for the kids' school to sell at the annual Holiday Shoppe. Serious junk. The dregs of the junk. Feel okay about it because we're getting it dirt cheap (last year's clearance items) so kids won't blow as much of their parents' don't-have-it-anyway money buying Christmas presents as they would buying the full-priced junk. Last year Elliot bought me a mood ring. I still have it, but my fingers are too fat currently to wear it. Year before, a turtle necklace. He gets really excited when I wear it, which I do, because I love him so. ......... What do you think? Turtle on a chain necklace to the fancy cocktail party in Sedona? ........... Diana, will you come up and play Scrabble with me, without cheating, after I have the baby? Neil, will you bring Monopoly? ............ My friends are so great for getting me so much cute baby girl stuff. I love my friends. .............. Steve is so great for leaving a spotless kitchen for me this morning. I love Steve. ............. I also always procrastinate packing. Must be disciplined. Must go pack. .......... Abby, won't you comment? Do, or I'll out you as a lurker on cjane's blog, you lurker you. You too, Alice.