Tuesday, January 26, 2010


I hurt my back.
I spent a good three days in bed.
I went to two chiropractors.
I decided that chiropractors need to do less tapping on my temple, more massage and stretch.
I am starting to feel better today.
But I still walk crooked.
My clogging class is totally doable.
Our first test got pushed back until next week, which will give my back plenty of time to heal completely, before I injure it again.
I like 30 Rock.
I'm looking forward to the only tv show I try to catch as it happens: Lost season 6 starts soon.
When, exactly, does it start?
Our tv doesn't really work anymore.
We got it from my generous brother as a hand-me-down when we got married.
We got married 12.5 years ago.
Buying a new tv isn't something I really want to do, but I guess I should if I'm going to be watching Lost.
Any ideas for a new tv?
We don't really want to spend a lot of cash on it.
Steve is a great husband.
Sometimes I'm really overcome with gratitude for him and what a good person he is.
I began the process to refinance our house yesterday after doing zero research about rates/fees.
Someone I trust had done a lot of research, and I just took his word for it.
We're going down to a 20-year fixed with rate of less than 5%.
I'm thrilled.
I counted recently, and I've been inside 26 temples.
I think visiting new temples and eating at new restaurants are fantastic goals to work toward.
I don't think there's anything wrong with ending sentences with prepositions.
I mean, I like prepositions for ending sentences with.


Stephanie said...

You are awesome, Emily! and you always make me laugh. Thank you.

Anonymous said...

Ha! I can tell you're feeling better. I know several people, including Diana, who swear by yoga for strengthening the body. I know Steve is wonderful. Good for you for the refinancing. You're way ahead of me on the temple visits. Why do I have to sign up on my google account every single day? AG

AzĂșcar said...

I like prepositions at the end of sentences, too.

We've had one of our TVs since before we got married, it can't even accept a DVD player.

Costco is your answer.

I'm a fan of winging it.

abby said...

i'm glad you're feeling better. still debating about whether i should watch Lost while i'm home alone and sitting in the middle of a jungle. it's a real conundrum.

Neil and Diana said...

I am very sorry about your back. I put something for you in the mail yesterday.

lys said...

I think you'd do exceptional on a blogging test. ;)

Andrew and Heidi said...

I took clogging lessons for 7 years. I can shuffle step ball change with the best of them. --Andrew

whit said...

As far as tvs go, we don't currently own one. We watch our shows on hulu on the internet the next day. We don't mind being a day or 7 behind on our shows, even Lost. But then again, we probably don't have as many friends as you do, where the topic of Lost episodes may potentially come up in conversation. I believe Lost starts on Tuesday 2/2.

Emz said...

loved this post. love learning more about you since I haven't seen you since like - forever.

tv sales everywhere!! I married a tv freak - get a good one - it's worth it!

26 temples? Even though they are like 10 miles apart in UT ;) - I am still sooooooooo impressed.

Nancy said...

Did you mean your clogging class or are you doing a blogging class? Anyway we were sorry you couldn't make it to the birthday party on Saturday and sorry that you were in so much pain, glad to hear you're feeling better! Wish we lived closer and that I could have been a better help to you. Let me know if you need anything.

Jocelyn said...

Hey stream of consciousness... When our TV that we got 10 years ago wouldn't turn on, I called Jason at work to tell him he needed to tinker with it and fix it. He went to Costco that day at lunch, said it was an answer to prayers. (my husband's jokes might cross over to sacrilegious) He did tinker for about 2 minutes with a blow dryer, but in the end we ended up with a new TV.

Becky said...

Dearest Emily,
You are fun to be around.
Even when your back puts you on the ground.

A good place to buy a TV I know.
Starts with a C and ends in "ostco."

Steve makes a good husband, son and brother.
I'm glad he married you and not someone other.

I like that you clog. I like that you blog. Next time we visit Europe lets sight see in Prague.


Steve said...

Right back atcha on the part about me and being overwhelmed with gratitude. Plus, you're hot. And what Becky said. About Prague too. And I'm on my way to Costco, right now.

Emily said...

Jocelyn, ask Jason what we should be looking for in our imminent tv purchase from Costco.

Becky, your poem hit a home (run).

Natalie said...

hope you are feeling better emily. it seems you have a fragile back. i'm sorry. keep taking it easy so that you can get back to clogging. by the way, i got distracted when i left my last comment on your last post and forgot to follow up with a 'just kidding. i went to ricks.' awkward...love to you!!!

pam said...

Glad you are feeling a little better. Would you recommend either of the chiropractors? We agree on your assessment of Steve and his of you. Love you both.

amyegodfrey said...

Ditto Pam! We love you both so much.

Emily said...

Natalie, you make me laugh!

Thanks, Mom and Pam. I do recommend one of my chiropractors: Marc Bowers in Provo. I liked his technique and it seemed to help.

Jord said...

Sorry about your back. Awesome about your refinance. Flatscreens are much cheaper now than they were a year ago. Buy one on Amazon- best prices, no tax, and free shipping and set up. The only way to go in electronics.