Wednesday, January 26, 2011

You got Jimmered

The thing about being a sports fan is that ultimately, your team will lose and it will be heartbreaking and a big downer. Even if they have a good season, they're probably not going to win the championship, because only one team can win the championship and probability dictates that it won't be your team. So you'll end the season depressed.


Sometimes your team will win (hopefully). And every once in a while your team will win in a big way, in an important game. In a historic game.

And if you're extra lucky you'll be there to see it all go down.

Oh man.

That will be the best. You will love that so much. It will be the biggest thrill of your entire winter, maybe your year.

Undoubtedly your non-sports fan spouse will even find it invigorating and scream and yell and laugh and cheer and comment at your foresight to get $5 tickets before the game sold out.

That's the best thing about being a sports fan.


Mandy said...

So awesome. And so jealous.

abby said...

WHAT? you were there?!? i'm so jealous.

AmyJune said...

Mike said that was one of the best games he has ever seen.

amyegodfrey said...

I think I can imagine how wonderful it was to be there! I'm glad we got to see at least one BYU game this season.

CherryLaneDiaries said...

Yea. Heard you were there.