Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Well now, it's been a while, hasn't it?

Abby posted this picture which inspired me to steal it and say a little somethin or other about my baby.

  • is 14 months today!
  • is not in the least bit interested in walking
  • is by far the last of my children to walk
  • can take a step with his right foot, but is ever so much afraid to lift up his left foot, so when I force him to try to walk, he pivots around in a circle a little bit, then gives up and crawls like a madman
  • has the greatest toothy grin, which I have yet to capture on camera (bad mom!)
  • sleeps like a champ
  • says, "Mom. Mom. Mom. Mom." a lot
  • also sometimes says, "Daddy" but that's about the whole vocabulary
  • upon finding a barrette or hair tie on the ground, immediately takes it to Norah where he fiercely insists on putting it in her hair. If she tries to take it, he resists until she lets him be her hairstylist
  • grew out of his stranger anxiety mode in the last month or two and will now be non-cry-ey and even tender with other adults. Good job, bud!
  • knows what to do with all the various implements he encounters: a microphone is to sing into, a baby wipe is to clean a surface with, a hairbrush is to apply to the head, a toothbrush (never you mind whose it is) is to put in the mouth
  • gives the sweetest hugs
  • makes big messes
  • self-entertains
  • likes to dance to music by swinging his shoulders back and forth
  • blows kisses to say goodbye
  • is such a sweet kid and a perfect addition to our family. We love him so very much!


Anonymous said...

I love everything you said about Calvin! He is such a sweetheart and I miss him bunches. AG

Emz said...

.....and has the sweetest glasses ... ever.

That photo is so awesome.

wendy said...

I love this photo--so cute!

abby said...

he is the tenderest.

Elisabeth said...

He looks so much like Elliott! How adorable.

Sarah said...

he is such a sweet boy. how did he oversome stranger anxiety so young?

lys said...

Cute picture.

Britain didn't walk until he was over 15 months!

Andrew & Heidi said...

He looks so much like Steve and your other boys - what a cute picture :)

Jord said...

He sounds like the sweetest kid ever. Our A walked late too...is that what happens to youngest kids?

Nancy said...

Em it was fun to watch your kids on Saturday because I feel like I got to know Calvin a little better, and as of that date I thought he was pretty interested in walking, maybe it just takes a strange lady he wants to walk away from. Also your boys have moves, especially Elliot, I think you need to buy Just Dance 2 for him.