Tuesday, November 02, 2010

Talking to myself?

Do I ever watch tv?
It's a rare, rare occasion.

Have I watched tv at night since the finale of LOST?
Negatory, I cannot remember a single time.

As a good citizen of this fine community and country, is there anything to do but watch election results trickle in?
There is nothing else to do.

What do I want to see happen if Mike Lee wins?
When Mike Lee wins, I want my friends Marcus and Michelle to be appointed as grand rulers of something important and festive and magical.

Am I dreading writing a big term paper for my South African history class?
No doiphy, Ralph.

Should Marcus and Michelle be appointed as Rulers of Classes That Can't Make Their Students Write Terms Papers?
I can support that.

Do my children have a hard time understanding what "Don't talk!" means?
Their supreme lack of understanding qualifies them for the remedial class. Or something like that.

Is it kind of lame that I bought the AppleCare Protection Plan in May and it's still sitting wrapped on the computer desk?
Yea. A wasted $79 or however many dollars, to be sure.

Whom do I most want to win tonight?
My neighbor and friend Don Jarvis because he's a smart and capable and principled man and because darn it if Utah County hasn't elected a Democrat in over 15 years.

What was the most memorable and exciting conversation I got to have this election season?
Hands down, the 45-minute, fiery one that started: "Emily, you have a democrat's sign in your yard? I was shocked to see that." "Well, first, he's my friend... ." "I don't care if he's YOUR DAD!" 


abby said...

you don't know how bad i want don to win. for you and for him. and for provo. (hand over my heart.)

Sarah said...

the fact that he has a chance is remarkable for republican provo. i feel some allegiance for him too because you and steve wore his shirt to the 4th of july parade, and now, by association, i am in it with you.

Emily said...

Boo Provo. Boo Utah County.

Emily said...

Don's not going to win, but Abby and Sarah, your solidarity means a lot.

Also, I need to state, that, yes, it seems there is something to do that is many times better than watching election results trickle in on tv and that is looking on the internet.

Anonymous said...

Sorry, Emily. I was silently rooting for him, too. AG

abby said...

it was pretty close! i'm sad.

mm said...

You're hilarious. We expect and want nothing. Excepte to be named Rulers of Making Your Kids Be Quiet.

Sorry your guy didn't win. I'm still proud of you. And sad for Philpot.