Thursday, March 02, 2006

Kingman, AZ is where it's at (unrelated to anything in this post)

We stayed in Las Vegas last night. We pushed the stroller, 3 kids, and about 27 bags through the casino at the awesome Gold Coast Hotel and Casino, and we looked so cool. Trust me--much cooler than the blue-hairs playing their electronic slots, cooler than the thirty-something kinda dorky men ahead of me in the hotel registration line talking about how they were going to the strip club, cooler than the blackjack (or whatever) dealers from Taiwan or Argentina who thought they were coming to Vegas to get glamorous and they now realize they work in a smutty, dead-end hellhole of a place.

It's not like we're Las Vegas snobs. We are not perfect and readily acknowledge such. Like, when my husband made an illegal U-turn on Flamingo, we found great comfort in the old adage: what happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas.

Other than that, our journey was pretty uneventful. We did play the They Might Be Giants ABC's DVD several times, and now wonder along with the Johns, who did put the alphabet in alphabetical order?


c jane said...

Having an eternal marriage that commenced with an elopement to Vegas, I can honestly say that hell-hole is good for something.

Wasn't Al Gore who invented the ABCs?

Cause I could have sworn...

Emily said...

cjane, while I don't love las vegas, I am very glad you got married there and I need to clarify that the hellhole in question is the casino at the Gold Coast, (and I hope you didn't get married there).

Suzie Petunia said...

I can't wait to hear about your weekend! :) I'm gearing up for my big post. I had so much fun!