Monday, June 25, 2007

Frolic in the summertime

What is the greatest thing that has happened in our home this summer? It's not Norah getting teeth, I can tell you that.

Possibly the greatest single event that has revolutionized our home and made summer in Arizona that much more bearable happened when I called the electric company and switched my on-peak/off-peak hours to their new plan. Really, if APS is your company, pay attention.

It used to be that the on-peak hours at our house--meaning the time when electricity costs were sky-high--were from 9 in the morning to 9 at night. That meant that the first thing I ever did in the morning on the way out of my bedroom was grab a load of laundry and get it in the washing machine. There was a time when I was vigilant and got the daily load washed and dried before nine, but it has been a while since that happened. Lately, I had been washing it before nine, but drying would cross over into the pricey hours of 9, 10, 11. What a waste--of our money going to pay the electric bills. And don't even ask about the guilt I felt running the A/C all hours of the day. Well, times have changed. The new, much more friendly for stay-at-homers energy plan has on-peak hours from just noon until 7! I have 5 more hours of freedom to run the dishwasher, dry the clothes, revel in cold air conditioning each day. When noon comes around, if it is not too humid, I turn on the swamp cooler and let it run for a few hours (a mere 7), and we save oh-so-much money. (Maybe. I haven't actually had that verified with a bill, yet. But regardless, my guilt levels are way down.)

I just wanted to share with you why summertime has been a little lighter, a little more capricious around these parts. It's all in the energy plan. You ought to try it. Now, about Norah's teething issues. . . .


Paper Shop ink. said...

Hey Emily! I wanted to let you know you won the Paper Shop ink Contest.

sarah said...

dang. you win everything! what's your secret?

Courtney said...

Emily - you do win everything.

I love the 7-noon plan. I feel like I have so much more time to get stuff done.

Abby said...

Can you really last 7 hours without the a/c? That is impressive.

My jaw is to the floor right now due to the fact that you won ANOTHER giveaway. (But I'm happy for you in jealous way...)