Monday, June 11, 2007

Just a few of the many people whose blogs I check regularly

Neil and Diana -- my little brother married my best friend. Lucky me! Lucky her! Lucky him! Two fantastic and smart people. Everybody should know them.

Emmie -- she had me at her Like the Award post. Scroll down to read it. Emmie and I haven't met, but I'm looking forward to the day we do and the intriguing dinner conversation we are sure to have. She is an actor and played the stunning role of Mary Fielding in the Joseph Smith movie you may have seen.

Sarah -- aka Suzie. We lived across the hall from each other in the dorms; I have incriminating photos of her; we wasted mucho time together playing with phonemail, of all archaic things; she let me wear her wedding dress; our husbands love each other; her daughter once threw a drawerful of underwear on Elliot's head; we go way back. Oh, and hers has the distinct honor of being The First Blog I Ever Read and the reason why I blog today.

More to come.


MarySue said...

Okay, so I'll be brave an say hello. I found my way here via Christie. Yes, I also followed your directions and love the Emmy, Like the Award. I'll have to share another blogger... I don't know but came to love after reading just one blog about living in Chicago. Off to RS.

Emily said...

Hello, MarySue! You can comment any old time you'd like. I'd love it!

Em said...

I am truly flattered to be mentioned by you in such lovely terms. Thank you, and I really hope we do get to have a scintillating conversation over dinner some day!

Emily said...

You're so very welcome. I didn't even touch on all the lovely things about you that I've picked up on through the grand blogosphere: there are many. Have I told you I love your profile picture?