Tuesday, June 26, 2007


The Craig family -- Steve's family are naturals at this blogging thing. Written communication is how Steve and I largely stay in touch with what is happening throughout la familia. We should have had a family blog years ago. Pop on in and congratulate my mother-in-law for being sworn in as an American citizen. . .today. Yay for Pam!

Christie -- She's sweet, lovely, sensitive, educated, funny, Southern, and she's our friend. She's the wonderful wife to our wonderful friend Jesse, who happens to have been my senior prom date. Christie and Jesse live far away from us, but I am thrilled that now she blogs and I can check in on them any old time I want. They always have and always will retain the title of The Nearest and Dearest of Friends. I think we've made arrangements to end up living in their basement, so hurry up and finish that residency, Jesse, so you can buy us a big old house.

Emily -- I don't remember how I came to be a fan of Miss Emily and her fantastically written blog, but I did, and I am. It's kind of cool because I feel like we're already friends, even though I don't know all that much about her. I'm getting to know her little by little, but with us, it's: we're friends already, details are secondary. I've dubbed her the nicest person in all of cyberspace.

I check a lot of blogs on a regular or semi-regular basis. I'm trying to cut back on mindless wandering, but dang it if blogging isn't such a great and easy filler of time. More to come.


Emily said...

Ah, Em...I blush. Thanks :) And the adoration is entirely mutual, my dear.

Christie K said...

If we build it will you come?

Jesse said...

Actually, it was the junior prom.