Thursday, November 03, 2005

Mother of the Year

If ever you find yourself in need of a new mom, might I suggest mine. Just a sampling of what she could do for you:

--drive across town four nights in a row to help you paint--or rather, paint for you--buying needed supplies and refusing reimbursement
--arrange and pay for tickets for you and your husband to see an off-Broadway show instead of going herself
--come to your house to babysit while you are at show because it is easier for you
--take kids to a birthday party while you go to a meeting, then fearlessly brave the dreaded sports picture event at Peter Piper Pizza with a zillion people everywhere and three children begging for tokens
--spend $5 to appease the begging children despite horrendous restaurant noise and crowds
--work her grandmotherly magic to make your youngest fall asleep when you can't do it
--compliment your choice of paint color, when you're starting to doubt yourself
--put your kids to bed
--restore calm
--clean your house
--love your children abundantly

And all this, in just one week's time. Everyone should be so lucky to have her for a mom. Thank you, Amye! You're the best.


ahc said...

You are so lucky to have your mom so close! Count yourself blessed!

Emily said...

As I was writing this, I was thinking of you and your mom who sent you a package every week in college. Talk about your great moms!

amye said...

This photo's going on the fridge. Goodness, it looks like I have a pillow around my middle. Emily, you are generous and kind. I love spending time with you and your family! That's what IT's all about!

Elinor said...

Hi Arizona family, I finally got my blog set up under Grandma Hyde (or maybe it is grandmahyde) since that is what got accepted. Will begin posting a few of my thoughts in rough draft. Comments appreciated. Loved your MOTHER OF THE YEAR but in our directory it is sister-in-law of the century. Don't know anyone who does more than Amye, but her kids are fast following in her footsteps. Have a good day, and check me out. I even got my photo on my grandmahyde blogspot since I took a 2-hour course of instruction to show us how to begin. Not a great beginning, but anyway. for fun.