Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Post-Holiday Observations

1. If you're cool and you blog (wait, are those two mutually exclusive??), you gotta have a Halloween post.
2. I am inexplicably drawn to, possessive of, and willing to fight for the Butterfinger bars in the kids' giant tub o' loot. I do not eat Butterfingers at any other time of the year.
3. If you go to the mall for trick or treating, you better like Tootsie Rolls and stickers.
4. Tootsie Rolls + decaying crowns and/or cavities = not a good idea.
5. Painted hermit crabs from the mall kiosk that have been abandoned in apartment complex hallway will attack if approached.
6. Creative costumes are overrated.
7. Sixteen-year-olds who trick-or-treat need to get a life.
8. Sixteen-year-olds who dress up as suicide bombers and push the buttons on the timers strapped to their chests and threaten to blow up your house after they have just taken candy from you are irresponsible and in extreme need of getting a life. (What, you don't like Sweetarts?)
9. Six-year-olds who want to change costumes mid-evening from Spiderman to the "grim reefer", consisting of a scary mask, blanket tied around the neck, and sword attached to the end of the broom, ought to be allowed to do just that.
10. The Grim Reefer is a much better name than the Grim Reaper.
11. Three Halloween parties/events in one weekend are too much for this holiday scrooge.
12. Being a holiday scrooge is an inherited trait.
13. Purple kitchens are dope.


sarah said...

i fully understand the butterfinger craze. And whoppers. and hot tamales. (i was the only one to pass those out in our neighborhood) love them!

did you guys end up with gobs and gobs o' candy like us? I had to remove about 6 full-size candy bars from the buckets because I said the kids could have 2 pieces last night, and they wanted those. Hmmm...who gives out the full size bars?

have you decided on a purple kitchen? and what is the halloween reference there?

Emily said...

We painted into the night on Halloween. Purple. Kind of spo-o-o-oky, don't you think?

We got zero full-sized candy bars. I think that only happens in neighborhoods where you have to keep up with the Joneses. Just kidding. But we didn't get any Hot Tamales, either. What gives? Where did you get those?

Marcy Dibbleblotts said...
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Marcy Dibbleblotts said...

I'm glad you went with purple. You should post a pic. Do you like it?

I like the Grim Reefer idea, too. Another one you may enjoy (coined by my 5-year-old brother) is Holy Goat instead of Ghost... "he is a v. special kind of goat that can whisper in our ears."

neil and diana said...

I want to see the color purple! (As opposed to The Color Purple). I think I'm a Halloween scrooge by engagement. Yesterday I decided that I loath Halloween, except for people 10 and under. What's the fun in dressing up if you're 29 and NOT going out in the dark to yell at strangers? Putting on a costume and going to work or a party misses the point entirely.
Whoever was inspired to become the grim reefer understood the true spirit of Halloween. I think people who are not moved to transform into the grim reefer or the holy goat should stick to jeans and a t-shirt.

Abby said...

Emily, I want to be cool so I'm blogging now. I think I'm definitely a Halloween scrooge, especially because I don't have kids I can steal Hot Tamales from. What a rip! But I think that the REAL issue here is that the radio stations in Utah started playing CHRISTMAS MUSIC yesterday!!! Don't tell Dennis.

Emily said...

Abby, are you really a blogger? As in, have your own blog? You would be awesome at that and I could know what's going on in my little sister's world! Christmas music is a downside to Christmas, although there are many other things about that holiday that I do love, so I'm not a total Dennis.

The grim reefer and the Holy Goat are invited to our kitchen coming out party (hopefully I won't be in tears) that has yet to be planned, since our kitchen is still in shambles. The color can be found at restorationhardware.com in the purple section under Hyacinth, aka blackberry ice cream.

ahc said...

Please don't send the
Grim Reefer to the junior high where I work-- we already have way too much reefer to deal with! :)

neil and diana said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
neil and diana said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
neil and diana said...

I was trying to post a link to your color. Anyway, it's pretty. Can I come over this weekend?

amyjune said...

I am so intrigued by people who delete their comments-come on let us read what you wrote. Can I meet the Holy Goat? And who is Dennis?

ahc said...

Amyjune, I totally agree! Were they having a moment of rage in which they couldn't control themselves from typing lines and lines of curse words. . . and then they calmed down, regained sanity, and deleted their post???

Austin said...

I did not yet do a post on holloween, but it is a gross oversight that needs to be fixed. Thank you for pointing it out.

Emily said...

Yeah, Austin, because you're cool. And you blog. Get on that.

Angela said...

i like your paint color too. it's a color that i look at and it reminds me of emily! so i think that it would be perfect for emily's kitchen. is that weird that i look at that color and think of you? or will it be that the next thing you know i'll be giving richard bright yellow shirts at every occasion i can think of?

and i agree that 16 year olds who trick-or-treat need to get a life. pretty much all our trick or treaters fell into that category acutally. and let me tell you, it was lame. so we went and hid at the fickers, until they had about 10 such people in their house! a combination of mandy's old students and erich's young men. greedy suckers!

Emily said...

Thanks, Ange! I wouldn't have guessed that "hyacinth" would remind anyone of me, but I'm honored that it did.