Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Isaac: A Photo Essay

He eats sand. He alternates saying, squawking, and shrieking "hi!" to every passerby. He mimics. He picks on his older brothers. He dances.

He beams. He climbs. He fears nothing, except an occasional dog. He calls every man on a bike "dad". He prides himself on getting out of the crib during naptime. He vomits.

He entertains. He hangs with his mom at the Grand Canyon. He unrolls a whole roll of toilet paper to blow his nose. He makes us happy. He looks like his dad. He laughs. He rocks.


amyjune said...

He is so cute!! Will I get to see your other children too?
I must ask why the blog name change? I liked the original title. Not that I don't like this one, but I don't really understand it. Everytime I visit your site, I have a great urge to add an a before little story. (have I been hanging around a certain college friend too long or what?)

Emily said...

I understand the "a" urge, but it's intentional. It's from my newest favorite song: The Lazy Farmer Who Wouldn't Hoe His Corn or something like that by Union Station, of Alison Krauss + Union Station. Sorry to make the grammarian in you seethe.

Emily said...

It's The Boy Who Wouldn't Hoe Corn. And I changed it for you, Am. Because I care. And because I think there may be a blended "a" in there that I'm missing. You're the best.

Suzie Petunia said...

What a cute kid! He and Oscar would be such a funny duo. Let's have a play date.

amye said...

I love Isaac! and Aaron and Elliot and Jonah and Grace and Molly! They are the cutest, smartest children I know.
I wish I could see them every day.