Wednesday, October 26, 2005

I need advice

What color to paint the kitchen?

Our cabinets look like this, with a dark brown finish:

The countertop is this:

The appliances look like this:


Nearby walls are grayish-blue, taupe, and a greenish-brown. So my dilemma is: do I play it safe with another drab neutral and then later maybe cover it with faux brick a la Monica's kitchen on Friends or do I paint it a real color (I'm leaning toward a masculine-y grayish-purple) and risk it looking really tacky and having my sister Sarah say, "I told you so" ? Please give your input.

On a related note, anyone who comes to help paint will be invited to one fabulous dinner cooked in above-pictured range. Mom....?


neil and diana said...

what about some of the reddish or even yellow-hinted colors in the ralph lauren greenhouse family of hues?

Emily said...

Excellent, suggestion, my dear. Which do you like the best? 16, 20, 41, 96 and 139 are possibilities. More input! I need more!

Suzie Petunia said...

"Walnut" by Miller paints. I just saw it in a similarly looking classy kitchen the other day. It is red-ish but not over-the-top. Very natural looking. Even if you don't use it, I probably will in my kitchen ...even though it isn't classy.:( Stainless steel appliances!! Is this what coveting feels like?

sarah said...

i didnt realize you were getting the overlay cabinets. good choice! btw, i would never say i told you will probably look great...anyway, paint has not been my friend lately as i am discovering its chamelion-like properties - it looks green, no blue, no gray, its ugly, its the most beautiful paint at the store so why does it look like cotton candy at my house? i stew over things like paint. wish i could just go with my gut.

sarah said...

check out ralph lauren's "urban loft" section too. Some nice subdued colors there.

Emily said...

Suzie -- I can't find Walnut by Miller online, but I'm interested. Can you find a comparable color at Behr or RL?

Sarah -- Your house will look gorgeous with whatever color you get. I inherited my second guessing from you. Thanks.

neil and diana said...

I like 16 (spokane falls) and 96 (summer harvest). I also like 118 (kerry coast sunrise) and 147 (day lily pink). Out of urban loft, 18 (chelsea) is nice. of course, it depends on what the other colors look like on nearby walls.

Steve said...

I shold probably interject that Emily has a terrible case of buyer's remorse no matter what we get. The fact is we'll probably end up changing it, whatever we get. It's all good--just as long as she doesn't feel that way about her purchase in the husband department.