Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Can You Tell I'm a Little Stressed?!

THEN: Wow! We have a respectable sum of money to put into the house. First we'll remodel the kitchen, then we'll get new carpet. After that, a new garage door, then paint, inside and out. With any leftover money, let's landscape the backyard.
NOW: Forget the other stuff-- I hope we're going to have enough to finish the kitchen. Everything's costing just a little bit more than we'd planned. Okay, a lot.

THEN: Our friend the cabinet guy is so amazing! It only took 5 minutes to measure our whole kitchen. I trust him completely!
NOW: I wonder if we should have communicated with our friend the cabinet guy about what we wanted our new kitchen to look like. Hmmm....

THEN: We are so generous to offer to pay the guy raising our kitchen ceiling more money if it turns out to be a bigger project than he originally estimated. We are so nice, and giving.
NOW: What were we thinking to leave an open-ended offer for more money?! He is sure taking us up on that! The price is quickly doubling and it's frighteningly still open-ended!

THEN: Light wood finishes are so passe. Let's go dark, and then maybe glaze the cabinets black.
NOW: Oh dear, that was an expensive exercise in buyer's remorse.

THEN: It's great that we will have someone working on our kitchen in the evenings from here until who-knows-when. It is a good excuse to get to eat out every night!
NOW: Port of Subs, AGAIN?? McDonalds, Chick-Fil-A, Little Caesars, Costco Foodcourt, Boston Market, Kyoto Bowl---make them go away!!

COMING SOON: Then and Now photos


amyjune said...

Congratulations on entering the blogosphere and thanks for sharing it with me.
Regarding your construction project: at least you are not my friend who is living in a trailor with husband and 2 small kids on their property where they are building their house. Well the correct word is trying to build their house...still hasn't been started due to various delays.
Needless to say, I jumped for joy moving into a home that had very recently been redone-no work. Mike was also very relieved since he is the one who did all the work to the kitchen redo in the condo.
I really want to see the before/after pictures.
am i being too loquacious? I don't know proper comment etiquitte.

Emily said...

Amy June, you are sanctioned!! Sanctioned for being too loquacious!

Carly said...

Mmmmm, Chick Fil A

Marcy Dibbleblotts said...

bring on the pics!

Emily said...

How cool do I feel that two lovely ladies whom I don't know came to check me out! Seriously, Carly and Marcy, you're in the inner circle, as my mother and best friend don't yet know about this craziness. Thanks for the nudge, and it's your fault if I get stalked.

Suzie Petunia said...

What are you calling me? A stalker? Well, consider yourself stalked, Emily.

I am also very excited to see pics of your new kitchen. I hear remodeling projects are tough on it true? I wouldn't know. :)

Emily said...

Welcome, welcome, Suzie Petunia! (To be sung to tune of Welcome, Welcome, Sunday Morning.)

Because my darling husband is not doing any of the work himself, our relationship is just fabulous!