Friday, October 31, 2008

You're welcome

We have lived back in Utah for more than a year now, so I decided to share a few of my personal favorites, Bests of Utah, if you will. Most are restaurants, because that is my absolute favorite thing to do with a little extra money. My other favorite places -- Target and Costco -- obviously don't count as Utah treasures.

Mexican : Las Tarascas -- mmm, yum. I've only been once, but can't wait to go back. They had me at fresh, chunky guacamole and lardy refried beans. Also, very affordable. Located in Albertson's strip mall on University Parkway.

Italian: Gloria's Little Italy -- Great ambience (although they're about to move locations), beautiful desserts (although who needs the temptation?) and fantastic food (although, be warned: the spicy pasta is very very spicy). Quite a hotspot. (Go anyway.) For now, located on 300 South in Provo. Moving to downtown.

Thai: Thai Ruby -- I'm a sucker for Thai food. We've tried just about all of them in the area and this is our favorite. Many a times we've tried to eat at the restaurant only to find a sign on the door saying "Closed for the holiday" or "Will return in one month". Which is just as it should be. (The anti-chain!) Located south of BYU campus, I don't know what street.

Casual pizza: Nicolitalia's -- Greasy and thick and awesome. Also, indirectly responsible for helping me know who not to vote for for Utah State Senate. Also located near Albertson's on University Parkway in Provo.

Pizza without the kids: Pizzeria 712 -- All-around delish. In the great and spacious building on State Street, Orem.

{I'm so, so hungry.}

And now, 
Hands-down best Utah radio stations: KRCL 90.9 FM -- funky, eclectic, indie AND KOHS 91.7 FM -- cooler high school kids might not exist


Kacy said...

I love KOHS. You should try Sam Hawk on Freedom Blvd.

Anonymous said...

I'll go to Pizzeria 712 with you anytime! AG

Emily said...

Kacy, I can't wait to try Sam Hawk. We should go together. Any more recommendations? I need them!

lj said...

you've listed many of our faves. we love the chicken tikka masala at bombay house on university, the sweet potato fries and cilantro-lime quesadillas at gurus on center st., and the lemongrass pork sandwiches and boba drinks at dew in campus plaza on 800 north.

AzĂșcar said...

I've been craving Sam Hawk for weeks now. I say we plan a date.

LJ took me to Dew a few weeks ago--it's really good.