Thursday, October 09, 2008


The news is that Paulson is now going to invest money that we don't have in the failing banks, because all the other drastic and expensive measures he has attempted haven't done a darn thing. Question one is why in tar hill does one person have so much unchecked power in this land? Question two is why oh why doesn't he just leave well enough alone? A recession is inevitable. Just let the free market system do its thing.

The article I read today about AIG blowing through $85 billion dollars in a few days, and then coming back and begging for -- and getting-- $37 billion more makes me very, very angry. Especially this part: days after receiving part one of the handout, the top execs followed through with a $440,000 vacation retreat, including $23,000 spent at the spa. They don't even have a semblance of integrity, nor are they making any efforts whatsoever to hide their corruption. How are they getting away with this?


Didi said...

I am equally angered and appalled Emily. It is incomprehensible. We were totally of the opinion that AIG should have been allowed to have their corrupt business go under. What do they learn from this and what message does it send to other like businesses?

Sarah said...

it's disgusting.

Doug said...

Thanks posting!
I am not a writer as I prove each time I post but I can't help but say a few things here:
We should recall the bailout to them immediately and allow them to entirely fail!

Someday the unrighteous businesses and the perpetrators, many more than just AIG, with their conspiring men and women will answer to a higher source. There is not one CEO to be blamed, but all those who conspire with them from the business who enter into bad agreements, the councils that discuss the ways to take more and make more without regard for the young, old, promises made etc.

Here in our litigating, self centered and greedy society, a perpetuate witch hunt for the scape goat and not the real perpetrators will most likely ensue as usual.

Personaly, I do not expect we will see any true justice the same as the saints of Joseph Smiths day did not despite any and all efforts as you have shown in an earlier post.
Here are my personal questions:
Do you suppose we too may have to appeal to the Lord as the only source to remove the rippening in iniquity that, well, are we truly ready for that?
Can we afford to pay the price of true freedom again?
Will their be any who will really be willing to more than just blog?

Or are we to comfortable?

Angela said...

I agree. It's so frustrating, I really can't even pay any attention to it any more.

Austin said...

How many execs? 440?

go boo boo said...

ditto, it's disgusting.

Doug said...

I have enjoyed all the posts on this site to one degree or another since Didi told me about the interesting and diverse posters.

Have you spoken with a banker in the past 2 years to get a home equity line or to buy a home?

They won't come right out and say you should borrow more or speculate on the housing market.

Rather every banker that I have spoken with has said something very much like this: "the house is apraised at a much higher value than that. We could loan you much more if you want as that is really conservative end of the spectrum."

You find this wasn't just the execs at AIG, Fannie May, this is also Wells Fargo, Chase, Bank One, almost ALL the top name State and Federal banks you can name have offered the same type of fruit via their personal bankers. It is not so simple as blaming one but we love the scape goat as all the others go free....

Now we are all getting the option to let them have a little relaxing get away since they have worked so hard and deserve a break after all those trying times they have experienced?!

You know, it isn't easy to convince the poor and middle class to give to the rich....but they did! So best let them take a good break to find a way to take from the 401k's and the stock market too, might as well include the upper class as well?!