Thursday, October 02, 2008


Joseph Smith ran for POTUS before he died. From his platform, I gather that he was for reforming the penal system, abolishing slavery, annexing Texas and Oregon and maybe even Mexico, and forming a national bank. Looks interesting. I am going to read it through tomorrow, just for fun.

For tonight, I am going to go to bed and dream about sitting at the kitchen table with Biden in Scranton, with strong twangy Palin colloquialisms as the soundtrack to my slumber.


Callie said...

"Dawg gonnit! Say it ain't so Joe!"

Doug said...

What a wonderful discourse on how the government should be run! I haven't finished the entire read yet but it is so amazing how many similarities of the pains of soul one feels at the way our Governement and Congress act not in the will of the people but rather for their own comfort and self aggrandizement like they did so many decades ago!
Surprised there haven't been more posts on this one! Guess it has to be taboo discussion to raise an eyebrow and the more taboo the more pen one gets!

Austin said...

I'll have to study his platform before I fun for office.