Tuesday, July 15, 2008

We saw on the way here: two grizzly bears by a river

Place: Cardston, Alberta

Population: the motel desk clerk thinks maybe 1000 people

Restaurant that came highly recommended from same motel clerk: Grotto's ("It's Mexican," she told me, "and I've been there five different times and had five different things and they're all good.")

So we set out for Grotto's expecting: Mexican food, no matter that we are across the OTHER border

What the Grotto's sign said: Pizza, Chicken, Burgers, Steak

We asked someone on the street: "Is there a Mexican restaurant nearby?" thinking that of course we came to the wrong Grotto's

His reply: "Right here. It's the closest to Mexican we got in this town, honey."

We ate at: Grotto's

We got: a Guatamalan Filipino burger and pizza joint with pirated movies on a big screen tv

My kids chose to watch: Over the Hedge

We ate: Guatamalan food, Filipino food, and Canadian pizza

What we did not eat: Mexican food

We paid: essentially one US dollar for one Canadian dollar

Food was: mediocre

Kids are: not going to bed in an obedient manner

Last comment was: unrelated to anything in this post

I am feeling: better, thank you


Andelin said...

I'm glad you're feeling better. That's hilarious about the "Mexican Food". Must seem especially strange from a native Arizonian. But it must be so gorgeous! OH, I envy you guys the scenery there! Take lots of pictures! I'd love to see some trees(that aren't next to a cactus). Enjoy!

Andrew & Heidi said...

Emily: did you get a picture of the Grizzlies? -Andrew

Anonymous said...

Ohhh. I wish I was there with you. I assume and hope nobody is sick. AG

Sarah said...

Hooray for Canadian Mexican Food.

Courtney said...

Too funny. There is a mexican place down the road that I keep thinking we should try but I'm sort of afraid to try it in case it is horrible and makes me homesick!

BTW, I totally feel you on the bad sleeping.

Jord said...

Ha! My high school boss was from Cardston and kind of a strange guy. I guess if he could never get a decent Mexican meal that explains why.

Natalie said...

GuataFiliCanexican food is my favorite!

Are you feeling better?

Jocelyn said...

Reminds me of the worst mexican food Jason and I ate in Ohio many years ago, I couldn't eat the food and I actually like Taco Bell, that's how bad it was!
Hopefully Canadian food got better, and easier to define.