Tuesday, July 22, 2008


Living in Provo, Utah as a homeowner in an established neighborhood is so very different than living in Provo as a student. We moved to a neighborhood where certain families are Provo institutions, having lived in the same house for generations and having had 14 kids per generation that all settled nearby. Every longtime Provo resident knows every other longtime Provo resident. Mostly, the longtime homes won't ever go on the market because one of the children or grandchildren will snatch it up first. But if a sort-of-longterm Provo resident tries to sell you their house, he will take you out on the front porch to tell you who your potential neighbors are, because isn't that what you really want to know, anyway? This town is an intricate network and a true community in every sense of the word. For the most part, that's good. I think.

We're trying to finagle our way into the Provo inner circles. It might take a year. Or fifty.


Anonymous said...

Knowing you two, it won't take long. I love the photo! AG

Claire said...

Keys to the inner circle:
have a recognizable last name in the church
bear many (more) children
become friends with LaVell
ensure one of your boys becomes a star football player at the Y; quarterback is preferred
get a Stake calling
post a giant 3x5 foot Greg Ols*n picture in your living room
just some friendly suggestions!
(having enjoyed a lovely childhood there, I love the place but it definitely has some interesting hierarchy going on sometimes, not that it actually means anything)

lj said...
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lj said...

hi there,
i met you at cjane's open house, and live just around the corner from you, so i know what it's like living among the great families of oak hills! still, i have found everyone here to be super cool and open to inviting you into the inner circle!

Jord said...

But I thought you were the inner circle and everyone else is on the outside! My bad. BTW though, my sister-in-law's boyfriend's grandparents (you follow me) live in your ward. Last name: Monson. :)

Jen said...

Welcome to Provo! Jenny Howlett told me you guys were moving here. It is different being back as an adult, isn't it? Send me an email and I'll send you an invite to our blog. :)jenniferfairbanks@netzero.net

Shauna said...

I hope you haven't forgotten us up there! I hope you're making it into the inner circle and loveing life in Provo. We need to talk to catch up. I'll try to call soon. Jeffrey starts school tomorrow.