Wednesday, July 30, 2008

I answered an email request to host some children

Daniel, age 10, and Randu, age 11, from Mombasa, Kenya are staying with us for two nights. They are here with an African Children's Choir and have left their families for three months to tour the UK and America. We were delighted to share with them their first day in America.
-----> BREAKFAST: waffle no butter or syrup, scrambled eggs, hot chocolate, pork and beans, and hot dog bun {they really wanted white bread, so that is what we gave them}
-----> ENTERTAINMENT: Elliot and Aaron's neighborhood choir rehearsal, Elliot and Aaron's neighborhood play performance, riding bikes in the street, Prince Caspian at "the cinema" {for Randu only. Daniel was too frightened by it so he and Norah and I dabbled in Speedracer on the next screen over, pretended we had money for the video games, and walked to Shopko where we had a great time getting to know each other}, Wii bowling, ice cream at the Creamery, and being adoringly attacked by Norah
-----> CHALLENGES: there were none because these boys are fantastically polite, but poor Daniel kept falling asleep, so I taught him a new word--"jetlag"

Daniel told us Americans are very rich {this is true} and that our house was too big for only six people. I wanted to let them use my cheap international phone card to call home, but their parents do not have telephones. Nor electricity. They do not seem envious of the material things we have, though. I've been on a kick lately that I have too much crap and am going to stop buying things and start reducing. Daniel and Randu have unknowingly encouraged that kick.

These boys are darling and we've all really enjoyed having them here. I wish they could stay for much longer. I do love Africa so.


Steph said...

My husband says I have to say FIRST, because that is what all his cool programmer friends do when they are the first to post. So, FIRST!

Holy Cow, how cool to have them come and stay with you. They are beautiful. I am with you on the having too much. I feel like I can never give away enough. My mom has a quote hanging in her kitchen that says something like... Wanting less is better than having more.

Anonymous said...

You are so giving to have the boys in your home. It will be a wonderful memory for your own kids. AG

Sarah said...

What a good experience for all. How did you get on that list?

Sarah said...
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The Fish Family.... said...

what a neat experience to host those children!

Your little girl is growing SO fast!

Jord said...

Agreed Emily, what a neat experience for all of you. And I love their honesty about your house being too big for just 6 of you. We do have an excess in every way.

Anonymous said...

I echo...great experience. And, they were beautiful! Are you familiar with If not, I recomment it to you....A great way to get rid of things you will not use, and it keeps the items out of landfills, etc. We use it often and have enjoyed the giving and receiving. My daughter, Malia, loves finding things in her closet she no longer needs and says, "Mommy, let's freecycle it." :)Rochelle