Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Not that you care, but to make me feel good about accomplishing something; or, More free blog therapy for the holidays

-- Holiday Shop at school
-- Present for football coaches
-- PTSA meeting minutes and signature card at bank
-- Cub scouts
-- Book club gifts put together and book read
-- Birthday gifts for Steve
-- Gifts purchased (I'm finally done! Not another trip to the store for me)
-- Christmas cards out, better late than never
-- Host baby shower
-- Resurrect pink maternity bridesmaid dress for firm party (and no one was the wiser)
-- Spend rest of medical flexible spending money, so as not to lose it
-- Miserable trip to the pediatrician for flu shots for the boys and 2-month shots for the girl
-- Attendance at: Primary activity day, tithing settlement, football games, football team party, piano recital in the mall (Go Frosty!), PTSA meeting, friend's birthday luncheon, book club, ward Christmas party, very nice birthday dinner with a man who arranged for the babysitter and made reservations (lots of points for that, Steve), Christmas party of some friends, Enrichment, kindergarten holiday concert

-- Wrap gifts
-- Deliver a few more neighber/friends gifts
-- Accompany Olivia to the Spanish branch
-- Make an appetizer
-- Plan trip to Legoland (shhh!)
-- Check brakes, change oil and wash car
-- Enjoy the slower pace of the rest of the month

Hooray, hooray. The hectic days are behind me.



Suzie Petunia said...

Must feel good! Have fun at Legoland!

amye said...

Whew! Good for you!

sarah said...


I have yet to finish my shopping. I am jealous.

Emily said...

Sarah, I thought of adding the trip to The QC, but it didn't add any stress to my life, so I didn't include it. Doesn't mean we didn't have the loveliest of times.

Emily said...

Wrap gifts. Check.

abby said...

All very impressive, but you had me at reuse of the maternity bridesmaid dress.

lys said...

You are way too on top of it! No wonder you can handle FOUR kids!

p.s. Loved your Christmas card! Got it today!

Emily said...

Abby, are you doubting my hotness at the firm party?

Alyssa, this post was all a ploy to make people think I'm on top of it. I'm so not really.

Pepper said...

When are you coming to Legoland?