Friday, December 08, 2006

Rules for "Special Mommy Day"

1. Rotate doing something fun one-on-one with one child a week. Leave other children and nursing babies at home, even if you have to get a babysitter.
2. Start at age 3.
3. Give child options of possible activities to choose from, but be flexible if he has his own suggestion.
4. Turn off the car radio and talk.
5. No criticizing or nagging during this time.
6. Don't cancel if it's a busy day. Make time, even if it's short.
7. Do not threaten to cancel Special Mommy Day for bad behavior. It is not to become a tool for punishment/reward.
8. Special Daddy Day is cool, too.
9. Once in a while, include the entire family and do something fun you would not ordinarily do.


lys said...

Is there a better mom than you?

lys said...

p.s. Elliot looks like he's "too cool for school" in that photo! :)

Suzie Petunia said...

Whenever the older 2 kids leave for school - as soon as they shut the door - Oscar shouts "It's OSCAR time!" I love it.

sarah said...

that's a great picture!

abby said...

Sounds like fun! In that picture Elliot is saying, "I'm too cool for Frosty."

amyegodfrey said...

Each one of them shows their distinct personality in the photo! It's great!

AmyJune said...

so what fun activity did your child choose this week?

Bek said...

Beautiful photo!!

I love this idea. We have started doing this with Lulu and it has been really great. I don't think Cubby is ready for it yet...but I love this idea. Esp...the no nagging part.

Neil and Diana. said...

That is a really nice idea. You set a good example.