Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Sweets for my sweet

If it's your anniversary and you are going to dinner to celebrate, you are allowed--nay, required--to throw all caloric and budgetary caution to the wind and order appetizers and dessert.

If your marriage has been a particularly happy one and your spouse is especially wonderful in every way, I suggest you order a dessert that parallels your marital bliss in greatness. If your years together have been really very quite good, please accept this humble recommendation: get the banana split at the Roaring Fork in Scottsdale, Arizona. Oh, man. It is the best EVER. It's so good that out of 85 blog posts, I've dedicated two to shouting its praises from the mountaintops.

And if you're not married, or your spouse is a bum, call me and I will go there with you. Did I mention the banana split is excellent?

Stephen is excellent, too. I'm sorry you can't all be married to him. He's the best. Happy anniversary, babe. I love you.


amye said...

Happy 9th to a marvelous pair!

abby said...

I'm glad that the restaurant's unfortunate name hasn't kept you from partaking of its deliciousness. Happy Anniversary!
P.S. I remember 9 years ago me, Neil, and Ryan rushing to the temple with your bouquet that never made it in your pictures because we were so late. I'm glad we could all still be friends about it.

sarah said...

Happy anni you two!

amye said...

Wait, we missed Abby and Jamie's 2nd anniversary on August 14th! Happy, Happy!

neil and diana said...

They've been married 2 whole years? Holy cow.