Thursday, August 10, 2006

Allow me to indulge in a bit of whining

Early this summer, I was in a very minor fender bender. The damage was just substantial enough to warrant filing a claim with our insurance to get it fixed. It was supposed to take three working days. (I thought that was an excessively long time, and wasn't very pleased.)

When the body shop took off the fender to replace it, they found extensive damage from an accident that occurred oh-so-long ago, before we bought the van. Three working days turned into three weeks. Or was it four? I lose track. We were real pioneer-like for that month. We shared a car for the duration. We endured extra fighting from the backseat because the kids had to sit side by side. At one particular point, our second vehicle was out of commission and we paid a pretty penny for a few days of a rental. How excited I was to get the call on Tuesday of this week that the van was finally ready to be picked up!


Our car, which operated beautifully B.B.S. (that's Before Body Shop), now has a couple of issues.

1. Dead battery.

2. Non-functioning air conditioning.

3. Leaking gas tank.

All of which are problems.

I love that story.


sarah said...

So is the b.b.s. claiming any responsibility? Pregnancy and Arizona summer sans a/c don't mix.

sarah said...

oops. that's b.s.

Emily said...

ExACTly. It is b.s.

c jane said...

Emily, Your plight makes me feel comfortable like the sensation you get when you stick your finger in your belly button.
So sorry.

(I love it how you two sisters communicate via the blog like Steph and I do. It's pretty much sweet.)
How about some pregnancy photos?

neil and diana said...

So yeah, is the shop answering for itself? Did you call the insurance company and inform them that what they paid for was essentially the shop causing damage to your car, and that that is not acceptable?