Saturday, August 26, 2006


There's a new color invading these parts.

This blue and green Gap girl, mother of boys, is a little overwhelmed by it all.

Thank you, Sarah and Jami for the loveliest of showers. And thank you, dear friends--who may or may not read this blog but almost assuredly never make comments--for making me feel so loved and for your beautiful and generous and thoughtful gifts.

And also for throwing me head first into Pink.

I can't wait.


Bek said...

Hurrah for Pink.

With the addition of another Pink to our family the "pink and purple" loads of laundry just multiplied. :-) I used to swear I wouldn't be a lacy, frilly, pink and ruffles mom w/ my girls.

I was wrong.

Pepper said...

My boys and I are so excited for you and your pink addition. Just a little longer! Whitney calls every day with questions...We hope everything goes smoothly.

Suzie Petunia said...

I can't wait to meet the girl version of Steve! Or maybe you'll get a darling little Emily this time. How many days left? Not that you would be counting...

sarah said...

I love pink! All of your cute pink makes me miss my baby girls. Baby boys' clothing is handsome and fun, but not cute like pink.

neil and diana said...

xxxxx xxxxx
xxxxxxx xxxxxxx

neil and diana said...

that was a heart in the comment box. now it's a heart in the gravitron.

Emily said...

I heart your gravitron.

c jane said...

And yet, still no pregnancy photos.

Emily said...

Darling cjane, today I looked at, for the first time, pictures from Christmas that my husband finally took off the camera and onto the computer. Look for pregnancy photos in March. Or maybe in March I would rather post pictures of how I am not going to look pregnant anymore, 'cause that's what I'm looking forward to: skinny clothes.