Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Oh, the joy of a good meal (when the boss is buying); OR, I ate at a restaurant the name of which elicits my speech impediment

A Toss of Field GREENS with Pear, Peppered Pecans, Radish & Warm Goat Cheese
Red Onion Vinaigrette

Almond -Crusted Rainbow TROUT, Smoked Red Bell Pepper Sauce
Noodles with Asparagus

Banana Rolled in Flour Tortillas, Quickly Fried;
Dusted with Cinnamon Sugar Topped with Chocolate & Banana Ice Cream


neil said...

"Banana Rolled in Flour Tortillas, Quickly Fried;"

i think they call that a banana burrito over at the good egg.

Steve said...

Interesting sid note, Neil. The boss's favorite restaurant is the Good Egg. I'll have to try the banana burrito next time he takes us there.

Emily said...

Uh, honey, I think Neil was making a joke because he knew that already.

amye said...

What? I'm missing something. How would Neil know that already? And, what was the occasion for the dinner out with the boss?

neil and diana said...

neil knows many things. emily, I'm sure we could work out an in-kind exchange of speech services for lunch at the roaring fork ...

ahc said...

I feel really dumb. I don't get your speech impediment joke.

Emily said...

no joke here. I can't say funky combinations of the letter r with sounds like "oa" or "oy."
Rolls Royce? Not for me.
Troy? Royce? Roy? It was pretty much a guarantee I would not be marrying a guy with such a name.
Roaring Fork? The food is delicious, but the name is a bear.

Ahc, I bought you a baby gift today. Can't wait to see you to give it to you.

c jane said...

I can't say my s's or anything ending in -age or -isp.
Lisp, crisp, wisp.
page, rage, stage.
Long live those who have Speech Impediments!!!
Long live us!!!

Carly said...

Mmmmm. Is there one of them speech-impediment-inducing restaurants in Tucson? I've got a hankerin' for some crusty trout.